Winter Weddings Get a Personal Touch with KooziesOnline.com


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2019 -- A winter wedding is something to celebrate. Every couple wants their guests to remember their wedding and take home a gift that they'll enjoy and reuse. Unfortunately, many couples also have trouble finding the perfect giveaway that's personal, practical, and affordable. Now, there's a solution that any wedding planner or couple can afford—customized neoprene wedding coolies from KooziesOnline.com.

Coolies aren't only appropriate for summer weddings—they're also great for winter weddings as well. Coolies from KooziesOnline.com are particularly popular among wedding planners because they're affordable and easy to customize. Couples can choose coolie colors that match their wedding palette and can easily add their own wedding hashtag to each coolie for even more fun. Fun patterns like camo and zebra print further personalize each coolie. Couples can even add one of their wedding photos to each coolie, allowing guests to take a piece of the magical ceremony home with them after the reception.

KooziesOnline.com knows firsthand just how stressful and expensive planning a wedding can be. They're proud to offer some of the more compassionate and reliable customer service online. Couples who order coolies from their team know that they won't run into design issues and that they'll always pay a reasonable price for their souvenirs.

There's still plenty of time for wedding planners to order a set of wedding coolies before they walk down the aisle. Anyone interested in learning more about the can and neoprene zippered wedding coolies is encouraged to give their team a call today at 866-253-3785 or to pay them a visit online at https://www.kooziesonline.com/.

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