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Diet Doc Announces Medical Diet Plans That Help Patients Avoid Winter Weight Gain Blues

Diet Doc serves clients in every part of the country and offers medically supervised diet plans that help patients in cold climates beat the winter weight gain blues


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2015 -- Many people believe that exposure to cold temperatures during the winter months leads to weight loss by increasing heat production, or thermogenesis, in the body. Others believe that the accumulation of extra fat during the winter is the body's way of protecting it by developing an "extra layer" for warmth. Neither of these myths are entirely true.

Because cold temperatures can cause one to shiver, in turn burning calories, this extra effort also increases the appetite. And, because many people tend to reach for comfort foods that are high in carbohydrates, sugar and starch during the winter months, this undoubtedly will lead to winter weight gain.

The real truth is that most people gain a few pounds during the winter months because they participate in fewer activities and some may even suffer from SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, causing them to sink into a type of winter "blues". Symptoms can include increasing depression, comfort food cravings, loss of energy and feelings of hopelessness. And, although most people only gain a few pounds during the winter months, if left unattended, this excess fat will accumulate and, over a period of years, can lead to obesity.

Diet Doc's medical diet plans serve people in every part of the country, offering their services to those in even the most remote regions. Initial health evaluations, doctor consultations, weekly progress meetings and, even, prescription weight loss products can be reordered simply by logging onto the internet or calling the company.

After an initial online consultation with one of Diet Doc's specially trained fast weight loss physicians, new patients who want to avoid winter weight gain will work closely with certified nutritionists to develop meal and snack plans that are designed to be specific to each patient's individual nutritional, weight loss, lifestyle and medical needs. When combined with Diet Doc's pure, prescription hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills, appetite suppressants and fat burners, this powerful combination generates weight loss at an amazing pace by seeking out old, stored fat to be burned and quickly flushed from the system while also helping patients over the initial weight loss hurdles by allaying loss of energy, hunger and cravings, some of which can become so overpowering that many dieters abandon their weight loss goals.

Diet Doc stands firm to their commitment to offer only the safest and most effective diet plans and continues to manufacture their diet products in fully licensed, FDA approved pharmacies in the U.S. Qualified patients can reorder their prescriptions via the phone or internet for direct delivery to their home or office for immediate use.

Diet Doc has helped people in every part of the country improve their physical and emotional health by offering safe and effective, medically supervised diet plans and encourages those who want to avoid the winter weight gain blues to call today to schedule a confidential and complimentary consultation.

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