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hCGtreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announces Medical Diet Plans That Deliver Extreme Weight Loss and Curb Winter Weight Gain

Research and advances in science and medical understanding have enabled Diet Doc to create natural, safe and rapid weight loss prescription hCG diet plans that will put an end to winter weight gain.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- Aside from the winter months being filled with holidays and tasty recipes, this time of year can be bleak for dieters. For most people, winter weight gain is the result of reduced activity and increased eating. The cold weather can not only interrupt outdoor activities, but can leave many people housebound and depressed, making them more likely to reach for comfort foods.

According to a study performed at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, weight gain varies from person to person throughout the winter months, but typically averages between 5 and 7 pounds. This does not sound like a tremendous weight gain; however, left unattended, the winter weight gain remains and accumulates over a lifetime.

Research and advances in science and medical understanding have enabled Diet Doc to create natural, safe and rapid weight loss prescription hCG diet plans that will put an end to, or at least quickly counteract winter weight gain. These diet plans eliminate carbohydrates and replace those meal options with low fat foods that are high in protein. By developing prescription hCG diet plans that are designed around healthy, low fat foods and enhanced with weight loss supplements designed for faster fat burn with no negative side effects, Diet Doc is helping thousands avoid winter weight gain and has become the leading medically supervised weight loss program in the country.

Qualified patients will work closely with certified nutritionists that are educated in nutritional science to design hCG diet plans that are unique to each patient’s personal nutritional needs, as well as being compatible with the patient’s particular lifestyle, activity level and medical conditions. The professionals at Diet Doc are keenly aware of which food groups offer an energy boost and which foods actually deplete energy. By combining years of scientific research with the knowledge and expertise of the specially trained staff of board certified doctors, nurses, nutritionists and coaches, Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plans incorporate nutrient rich foods, green leafy vegetables and lean proteins that nourish and invigorate the body.

Diet Doc’s strategically designed hCG diet plans combine the natural ingredients of their 100% pure prescription hCG with the customized nutrition plans allowing the body to naturally, safely and rapidly melt away excess pounds and inches by forcing stores of unused fat to be released into the bloodstream and burned as the body’s primary energy source. Because Diet Doc’s prescription hCG is enhanced with powerful, energy boosting Vitamin B12, dieters do not report the typical sluggishness or lack of energy normally associated with dieting.

Those who are concerned about gaining winter weight only need to complete a confidential, online health questionnaire and schedule a consultation with a specially trained Diet Doc physician. Unlike other hCG diet programs, the company understands their clients’ need for privacy during this important, and often life-changing journey, and offers all consultations over the phone or the internet and in the comfort of the patient’s own home. This unique approach to fast weight loss through telemedicine, easily conducted over the telephone, not only provides patients with a sense of privacy while being able to lose weight fast, it also allows Diet Doc to bring their services to those who live in even the most remote locations in the country, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming visits to local weight loss clinics.

Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans are strategically designed for all body shapes and sizes and for those that have been struggling to lose that last difficult 10 pounds to those that must lose 100 pounds or more. The experts at Diet Doc encourage everyone that wants to lose excess weight and avoid gaining winter weight to call today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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