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Wire Guards Shield Electronic Devices, Keep People Protected and Save Companies Money


West Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2011 -- In the event of an emergency, one of the most important pieces of electrical equipment a company can have in place is a selection of strategically placed lights. Whether struck by a sudden flood or an accidental fire ignites, emergency lights not only signal danger, but also guide people to safety.

But often times, emergency lights are damaged by flying debris, wild animals or instances of vandalism, putting people in danger and costing businesses large amounts of money to replace them.

One of the best solutions to protect emergency lighting, as well as monitoring devices, signage and alarms is a wire guard, a cage-like structure that covers the electronic equipment.

Offering quality, code compliant wire guards, WireGuards.net is a new website that aims to provide protective equipment for businesses and individuals. Featuring a range of wire guards for motion detectors, beacon and sounder devices, clocks, cameras, fire and smoke alarms, and various lighting sources, the new site’s cages help companies save money, while protecting their employees and customers.

Many companies do not realize how important safeguarding their building’s electronic devices is until a windstorm or misguided bird breaks a light fixture or an emergency sign. These items can cost an exorbitant amount of money to repair or replace and can also put people at risk.

According to the site, the wire guards they offer are an essential piece of protective equipment for both businesses and individuals.

“In the case of an emergency it’s desperately important that people be able to find the exit,” states WireGuards.net. “However, all too often these signs and emergency lights that help them do this are damaged in some type of disaster. You can help to prevent this kind of problem by using wire guards across the light fixtures and signs in the building, and on the outside.”

The wireguards from Wireguards.net come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be used for things such as emergency lighting, outdoor flood lights, indoor florescent or round light fixtures, construction lighting, parking lighting, lights in gymnasiums, emergency exit signs, and more.

The new website not only offers a variety of protective cages, but also features some of the strongest devices on the market. The wire guards are constructed from 9-guage steel, which is more than twice as thick as the industry standard.

For more information about the array of wire guards available, visit http://WireGuards.net

About WireGuards.net:
Recently launched, WireGuards.net offers high quality, code compliant wire guards and protective equipment for businesses and individuals. The website features a range of cages for motion detectors, beacon and sounder devices, clocks, cameras, fire and smoke alarms, and various lighting sources.