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Wireless Charger Circuit Company Opens for Business


ShangHai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Today’s world is considerably more wired than ever, and the necessity for charging devices is ever growing. As people have a tablet, smartphone, laptop or netbook and a host of other devices needing charging, one can end up with a tangled mass of wires and cords that do nothing more than cause a real headache.

Choetech is changing this fact around and around quickly.

“We are a wireless charging solutions company. We take the wires and plugs out of your life and simplify both with a simple to use, hands-free system,” said Mr. Johnson of

Rather than depend on a traditional wire and plug, Choetech has several energy efficient qi wireless charger circuits for all devices in all shapes, colors and sizes. This means matching to a particular phone or device is easy and straightforward.

“We wanted our customers to have variety and a choice,” said Johnson, “so we have delivered with a large, friendly selection.”

Featuring charging banks, stations, pads and even cases, Choetech charging means never having to worry about recharging a device ever again. This is perfect for the businessman on the go or the busy student worried about final exams.

“We have everyone who has a wireless device covered. If we don’t currently have a charger, we will in the not-to-distant future,” said Johnson.

Each of their phone charging stations and products are Qi-ready, meaning the wireless charger will work with virtually any phone.

“We are always expanding our business and encourage engineers to apply for work with us,” said Johnson.

For more information, or send email at You may also contact them at telephone nos. +86-755-29040095 or fax no. +86-755-81473150.

CHOE Technology, Co., Ltd.
Johnson, Marketing Manager