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Wireless Integrated Announces New Product

Amazing parcel monitoring tag that tracks the parcel handling


Maharashtra, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- The Wireless Integrated, a division of BioEnabled Technologies Pvt. Ltd, is proud to bring out the parcel monitoring tag that allows the parcel owners to monitor the parcel’s motion and judge the shipping company. This wonderful tag is small, but renders amazing service by tracking the journey and recording any mis-handling incidences. One would find no better product like this that keeps the parcel owner, aware of how the parcel is travelling. One would be glad to find such a Parcel monitoring tag, from this company.

Looking into how this small tag works, one would be surprised to know that this can be stuck inside the parcel and then left at the shipping company. Once the parcel is left at the place, the owner can start or activate the ParcelCop App from the mobile, from which the tag starts tracking and recording the incidences, especially the falls, drops, motion and every handling that is abnormal or not smooth. The amazing thing is that the parcel monitoring tag records the events along with time frames, thus giving a clear picture of the situations and the handling positions. One would be pleased with such a product, especially when there are sensitive and delicate products that are set out in parcel.

On the arrival of the parcel, the owner can download the logs and check out every move and motion of the parcel, from which the details of any mis-handling will be known. Therefore, this wonderful and useful product helps people bravely send out parcels, even if the item is delicate. One can send out parcels with confidence that they will be able to trace the motion and handling of the parcel to judge the shipping company. The amazing part is that one can even find out the missing parcel from the warehouse, when the parcel monitoring tag is fixed to the parcel. One would definitely want to use the device that not just keeps the product safe but also out of danger.

To know more about the device or the company, one can visit the website, http://www.wirelessintegrated.com/parcel-monitoring-tag-parcelcop.html, where detailed information is available. One can contact at the given email address or the telephone number for further queries or clarifications regarding the parcel monitoring tag.