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Wireless Integrated New Innovation in Children's Activities

Wonder working device that can now track children’s motions and activities


Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- Wireless Integrated is proud to announce the coming of its innovation that would now allow the parents to send their children outdoors, with confidence and assurance of keeping track of their children’s activities and motions that can prevent dangers and uncertainties. One would surely want to buy the product that keeps the person aware of his or her child’s activities, throughout the time the child is outdoor. One would find no better place or company that manufactures such wonderful devices that cares for children.

The ActiKids is easy to use, as one just requires attaching the device to the wrist or ankle or the clothes of the child. It has motion sensor, which is an inbuilt one, used to track the physical activities of the child. The parent would easily know when his or her child is moving, playing, sleeping or exercising. This is a sure appreciable device, allowing every parent to be happy and tension-free when the kids are outdoors. The ActiKids device uses low power Wi-Fi technology to send the information to the person who monitors.

The best part is that kids from infants to grown-ups, in fact, kids of all ages, can use the device that keeps them under careful watch and care. One can confidently let the child go out to any place for playtime. The amazing thing is that the child’s location is also tracked, and sent in the information, giving accurate details of the child’s motions. One can be sure of accuracy and security as the device works on a proven technology and is the latest innovation, for the best security use.

One would definitely want to use such device for his or her children that ensures of the child’s safety at all times. To know more about the device and its functionality, one can visit the website http://www.wirelessintegrated.com/actikids-the-newest-innovation-in-child-location-activity-tracking.html, where detailed information is available. One can visit the website http://www.wirelessintegrated.com/about-us and find out about the company and its reputable inventions for security reasons. Therefore, people can confidently choose to have the product at good and reasonable prices. One can contact at the given telephone number or the email address for further queries and clarifications regarding the device and the company, as well. This is the right choice for every parent, who wants to keep a careful watch over his or her children, especially when in new areas.