Ion Air Mouse Computer Glove Set to Transform Computing As We Know It

Bellco Has Identified the Ultimate Flying Mouse as the Ion Air Mouse Computer Glove. Operate It From 35 mts Away From Any Part Of A Room.


Cocoa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2012 -- Bellco has made it possible to free one from the boring job of clicking mouse for the whole day with its ultimate flying mouse, Ion Air Mouse Computer Glove. This new hi-tech product available now allows a user to sit back and operate a computer in relaxation. The most surprising fact regarding this latest device is that it enables a user to operate a computer cursor from a distance of 35ft.

This Air Mouse Computer Glove by Ion is basically a mouse replacement device and the owners of the company states that “it is the wrist of the user that takes control of the operation and minimum movement is needed to use the device”. The experts of the company has touted this glove to make it an input device of HTPC and it runs successfully on several operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux and in individual forms of Androids.

It is the look and the functionality of the device, which has made it different from other forms of Air mouse. The glove includes a pause button that can be used to move around the room without frequently taking off the glove, every time one moves out of the desk. There is no use of USB port as it comes with an effective wireless radius of 35ft. “operating this innovative air mouse is though easy, yet it will be better for a user to gather knowledge on the device to use it smoothly” says Pete Bell, the CEO of the company, who seemed very gleeful while announcing the product.

Bellco assures that the new hi-tech product available now has successfully incorporated innovative technologies that will surely replace the use of mouse. The computer motion and the touch screen technology of the glove work effectively to lift up the hand motion quite closer to the screen and make it quite easy for even non-tech folks to use the glove. This all-new Air mouse glove by ion appears to be a more remote and relaxed device that gives pleasure of operating computer. To ensure the durability of this innovative glove the owners comment that “if no change is done to the cursor of the machine, this device will work as effectively as possible in the long run.”

“A first look on the mouse it will force anybody to say that it acquires a futuristic look that gives the impression that the user has been provided with some power as it is seen in case of the Heroes of action movies,” Says Pete Bell. Apparently, the mouse needs a kind of set up on a computer to active the clock that is found in the control panel of the device. Without proper set up the air mouse will not work to enhance the movement of a user’s wrist. To know more about the product please visit: