WirelessDie - Wireless Routers Up Their Game in 2013

In a new year people are going to be seeing some new and better technology overhaul what is already one of the peaks in technological development in history.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- With wireless networking becoming more the rule rather than the exception, companies such as Belkin, Cisco Linksys and other router makers have upped their game in 2013. The new models include such features as blazing speeds of up to 665 mbps streaming on both the 4GHz and 5 GHz bands, four gigabit Ethernet ports and even USB ports. The latest additions to the wireless networking market have a lot of great features that are worth taking a second look at. Here’s a look at some of the top contenders for 2013:

Voyager’s Clear Spot amps up with wireless game with 4G hotspots and Wi-Fi access points, creating connection points for up to eight devices wherever there’s a cellular signal.

D-Link’s Amplifi HD Media Router 2000 DIR-827 debuted at the Las Vegas 2013 Consumer Electronics Show with great reviews. With its cutting edge “HDFuel” technology, this little box packs a powerful punch for streaming hi-def media from a wide array of Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Longtime standard setter Cisco Linksys gave the E4200 line up a much needed upgrade. Pumping out up to 450 Mbps on both bands, the new E4200 v2 Maximum Performance Dual Band N900 Router can host up to fifty guest devices at one time.

Belkin joined the wireless high speed party with the new AC100 and AC1200 dual band routers that sported 802.11ac/b/g/n wireless capabilities along with four gigabit Ethernet ports. Thanks to the ac chip inside Belkin’s newest model, users can enjoy a throughput of 665 Mbps on the 5GHz side and up to 867 Mbps with the AC1200.

Broadcom, Netgear, ASUS and Buffalo also produced new models for 2013 that pack punched up speeds and feature wireless Gigabit 802.11 ac chips.

While the new model wireless routers for 2013 have definitely upped the broadband connection and media streaming game, believe that consumers also need to be ready to pay for the new technology. The spiffy new designs and power punching technology definitely comes with an upgraded price. Prices are ranging from $120 and up for these powerful, yet user friendly routers. However, faster streaming, the ability to host larger numbers of guest devices and even the ability to self-diagnose and self-correct common faults along with pre-configured security make these new routers definitely worth the cost of taking a closer view.

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