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Wisdom Teeth Guys Now Offering One Appointment Removal at New Location in Provo, Utah

Wisdom Teeth Guys have now opened a third location specializing in one appointment wisdom teeth removal, offering people fast, effective and affordable relief from wisdom teeth pain.


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2015 -- Wisdom teeth are so called because they grow out during adulthood, when the bearer is said to have received wisdom from their life experiences. Despite this noble title, the teeth can actually be tremendously troublesome, pushing out at obtuse angles or pushing other teeth to misalign. Getting them removed can be a long, painful and expensive process. Wisdom Teeth Guys offers an alternative, with one appointment wisdom teeth removal. Their services have grown so popular they have now opened a third location ideal for out of state visitors.

The new Provo surgery has excellent transport links for out of state patients looking for a fast resolution to their wisdom tooth problems. It has welcomed patients from Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado and other states, enabling people to get in and out of Utah quickly thanks to their one day service.

The one appointment wisdom teeth removal includes the dental exam, x-rays and wisdom teeth extraction all in one appointment with a specialist dental surgeon who focuses solely on wisdom teeth, keeping costs down and the service of the best quality. The company even offers discount cards for first time customers and missionaries.

A spokesperson for Wisdom Teeth Guys explained, "We encourage out of state visitors to come to our practices because we understand this specialist service is not available everywhere, but is certainly desired and needed by sufferers throughout the United States. As such, we do everything we can to make sure visitors from neighboring states and beyond can arrive, be treated and leave within the day, so their lives are once again free of the pain, complications and annoyances of wisdom teeth. We offer special discounts to those leaving on missionary work, as well as any first time customer."

About Wisdom Teeth Guys
Wisdom Teeth Guys are a professional dental practice offering one appointment wisdom teeth removal, with a focus on cost, convenience, safety and keeping wisdom teeth removal pain to a minimum. Their experienced team of doctors is made up of highly qualified general dental dentists. The company currently has three locations around Salt Lake City, including Bountiful, Sandy, and Provo, Utah.

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