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Wisdomannex.com Updates Their Proprietary Unlocking Software for Iphones - Available for Ios6


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2012 -- Wisdomannex.com has updated their proprietary jailbreak and unlock software for iPhones. The software is now compatible with phones running the latest iOS 6 and features a host of useful applications apart from the leading jailbreak app.

Notwithstanding the curiosity over release of IPhone 5, the iconic IPhone 4 and 4S have become the most sought after phones of our times. In a bid to make jail breaking and unlocking iPhone 4 much easier, wisdomannex.com has updated their previous version of their jailbreak and unlocking software, now enabling users to unlock their iPhones which are running on the latest iOS 6.

Mr. Daniel Leaver of wisdomannex.com claims that "We are the leading iPhone4 unlock software in the market, download wise. Besides the raving reviews which speak volumes about the application, we provide guaranteed satisfaction with 100% refund if the customer is not satisfied". The 100% refund promise given by the company has attracted customers, thereby improving sales by 60% over the last year. The company boasts of over 2000 downloads a day and over 2.5 million downloads in all.

"Freedom to install third party apps and to choose telecom provider are the primary reasons for popularity of iphone” a clear cut finding of a customer survey conducted by Chip magazine in 2012. This in turn has improved the resale value of Unlock Iphone 4 in the market.

The pervious version of Wisdomannex.com app only provided users with step by step assistance on how to unlock iPhone4. The new version of the software goes further than the primary unlocking features and also allows users utilize various features previously unavailable on unlocked iPhones like Siri, Live Television, and synchronization over wifi, and other unique features restricted to certain phones and OS. The company also announced life-time support for the new product. Elite customers would also be provided with one-to-one Technical assistance.

In addition to restriction of networks, privacy has been the other bone of contention with vanilla iPhones. On the question of iPhone4's location tracking program Mr Leaver said “The iPhone4's location tracking program can be deactivated using the latest version of the software to ensure 100% privacy to the users". Answering to the questions about the other features he replied "The software based unlocking and jail breaking is 100% legal and it also features flash which is unavailable on unlocked iPhone4. In addition users will get face-time support on 3g networks. And we are consistently looking to add values for life-time members with regular add-ons."

About Wisdomannex.com Inc
Wisdomannex is a leading mobile application development company based out of San Diego, California. The company most famous applications include unlocking and jail breaking apps for all popular phones. Their latest application Jailbreak app for IPhone has been downloaded over 2.5 million times till date.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule a meeting an interview with founders of wisdomannex.com, please contact Mr. Daniel Leaver via email at admin@wisdomannex.com.