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Wise Child: Inspirational Young Author Releases Powerful Short Book of Healing & Joy

While he is only twenty one years-old, Mo Kiddo wrote his ground-breaking book amidst a spiritual journey. With readers reporting greater happiness and contentment after finishing the short piece of literature, Kiddo hopes to help millions connect with their higher purpose in life and find true joy.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- For Mo Kiddo, composing his book was a highly personal experience. Writing down all the wisdom God had given him amidst a powerful spiritual journey, Kiddo quickly realized that those he gave it to reported positive life changes beyond anyone’s expectations. Wanting to share it with as many people as possible, Kiddo is delighted to announce his work’s public release.

‘Wise Child: Put your hand over your heart. You feel that? That’s called a purpose’ is truly compelling.


In this enlightening book, Mo Kiddo speaks directly to the inherent wisdom within each of us, reminding us that everyone and everything is a manifestation of our divine purpose in life. When you read this book you will hear your soul calling.

This book taps into your inner wisdom. With clarity and grace, we are shown how bringing this realization into our life can make a real difference to our reality.

As the author explains, his book cuts through modern life’s travesties and speaks directly to the heart.

“Today, I see young, even adults all around me, fixated on gossip and material things and out of touch with what really matters in this life. This is a book of healing. A book to combat all the unhappiness and ignorance that I know is in the world,” says Kiddo.

He continues, “It is comprised of short pages and can be read in just one hour. In just one hour, it can do so much. By reading it regularly, the wisdom will sink into the soul, and people will begin to see everything around them differently.”

After feeling reborn and truly happy after reading his own work, Kiddo now focuses his time and attention on changing the lives of others.

“My sincere wish is for everyone to find happiness and peace within themselves and with the world. I want everyone to realize how beautiful and amazing they are, and to know that they don’t need anything outside themselves to be worthy. My wish is for all children, young adults, and adults to start wishing for other people’s happiness, to have compassion, and to live with an open heart,” he adds.

Critics praise Kiddo for the diligent work is doing to improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

However, with so much success on his hands, Kiddo refuses to lose sight of what is truly important.

“I wish that we can all one day coexist in the same harmony through love, helping others, maintaining values, and appreciating the little things in life, for they will occupy the biggest part of our hearts,” he concludes.

‘Wise Child: Put your hand over your heart. You feel that? That’s called a purpose’, published by CreateSpace, is available now: http://amzn.to/WjoUdm

About the Author: Mo Kiddo
Mo Kiddo was born in Michigan, USA, on February 21, 1991. Mo is a triplet, with his two sisters, Barbara and Maria. At a young age, he relocated with his family to Europe and grew up in Belgium. As a teenager, he traveled the whole world and became fluent in six languages.

It all started when he dropped out of high school at age sixteen to pursue a career in art. Mo’s parents are renowned project developers who created a monarchy in which Mo found inspiration at a very young age. Today, Mo is a young entrepreneur, author, artist, gallery owner, and a spokes model for luxury brands. Mo is recognized worldwide for his highly diverse social circle that includes distinguished intellectuals, celebrities, and a clientele.

However, Mo took a sabbatical from all of what he thought satisfied and gave substance to his life and decided to write his book, which changed his life and the lives of many around him. He moved to Los Angeles at age twenty to pursue his book, wise child.