Wise Institute for Hair Restoration

Wise Institute for Hair Restoration Using NeoGraft Technology for Optimal Hair Transplant Results


Wayne, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2016 -- Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise, offers the most advanced techniques in hair restoration including NeoGraft®, a state-of-the-art hair loss solution, at his practice in Wayne, NJ. The science of hair restoration is always advancing, and it is imperative that hair loss centers stay abreast with new, innovative technology in order to provide the best results possible for their patients. With traditional hair follicle harvesting techniques, patients ran the risk of scarring where their follicles were removed, or seeing the death of newly transplanted grafts due to irreparable damage done during the harvesting process. Thanks to the revolutionary NeoGraft technology, these and other “typical” follicle and grafting issues have been greatly reduced. The Wise Institute for Hair Restoration is proud to provide NeoGraft, along with other advanced restoration technologies, to patients seeking truly remarkable results.

Dr. Wise has taken the best parts of the NeoGraft technique and modified them to achieve a higher success rate with the harvested hair follicles. Each follicle is transplanted by hand rather than using a suction device - the traditional NeoGraft technique. The meticulous method of harvesting the follicles by hand provides much less trauma to the hair follicles and greatly enhances graft take. Dr. Wise uses this innovative technology along with others, such as applied liposomal adenosine triphosphate (ATPv) solution, a cell “booster” that helps newly transplanted grafts thrive, Hypothermosol storage solution, which helps preserve follicle tissue, and a ColeChiller to keep hair follicles at a steady temperate in-between harvesting and transplanting procedures. These innovative technologies greatly improve the success and results of hair restoration procedures at the Wise Institute.

Dr. Wise, founder of the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration, is a graduate of Yale, Cornell and the University of Pennsylvania, and currently works as Assistant Clinical Professor of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at NYU School of Medicine, along with operating his Hair Clinic and Facial Plastic Surgery practice. Specializing in plastic surgery of the face, head and neck, and having performed over 4,000 successful facelifting and eyelid procedures, Dr. Wise has earned a reputation as one of the best facial plastic surgeons within his practice area.

To schedule a complimentary hair restoration consultation, or to learn more about the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration, visit http://www.drwisehair.com, call the office 973-200-4516 or e-mail info@drwise.com.

About the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration
Founded by Dr. Jeffrey B. Wise, the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration helps men and women in search of hair loss solutions through both preventative measures and hair restoration treatments and procedures. Dr. Wise is Double Board Certified and specializes in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hair Restoration. Dr. Wise graduated with honors from Yale University, received his medical degree from the Cornell University School of Medicine, and completed his internship in General Surgery and residency in Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Currently, Dr. Wise works as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Wise operates out of his state-of-the-art, Joint Commission Accredited facility in Wayne, NJ and his satellite location on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. He has treated patients throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa.

To learn more about the Wise Institute for Hair Restoration, visit http://www.drwisehair.com.