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Birmingham, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2014 -- The official name for chicken skin is Keratosis Pilaris and it is undoubtedly one of the most irritating skin conditions people can ever suffer from. Nearly eight percent of the people who suffer from the disease are either adolescents or children. People over thirty rarely ever get this disease; they only get it when they have extremely sensitive skin or if they have never had the disease in their childhood. The disease and the bumps are usually red in appearance and they look like angry acne marks. They mostly appear on people's arms and legs. Many times, people confuse the disease with acne and continue to ignore it which is quite dangerous since the disease is contagious.

While many people get into a panic and go to doctors and skin specialists in order to get rid of the disease, it is not necessary to do so since many times the disease will automatically go away on its own by administering basic exfoliation and going for some special skincare creams and lotions. Many people also decide to go for alternative medicinal procedures or for homeopathic medicines in order to cure the disease. It is quite easy to cure the disease through an oatmeal bath or by using a humidifier as well. One can easily get an oatmeal bath from a local drugstore while a humidifier can be bought from any electric store. It is also said that one should not use tap water while they are suffering from the disease but instead should use special, bottled and treated water.

The exact causes of the disease are not commonly known but scientists do have some idea about why it can occur. People who have common skin problems, have a sensitive skin or people who suffer from extremely dry skin conditions can end up with the disease. With time, the disease will go away. It will require vigilant care and constant treatment but once it happens, chances are that it will not come back at all afterwards. It only comes up in the case of serious skin conditions. The keratin usually appears in places with hair foliage and is caused by the massive buildup of keratin.

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