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WishCruises.com Provides a Cruise Guide for Beginners, Lists the Top 10 Cruises for 2013


Southhampton, Hampshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- WishCruises.com, a website dedicated in providing extensive information on various cruises, has recently published its comprehensive cruise guide for beginners. The website has also listed the Top 10 cruises for the year 2013. WishCruises.com has received great praise from visitors and critics alike for its insights, and has been stated as a one stop resource for obtaining any information on cruises.

The guide titled ‘The Ultimate Cruise Guide for Beginners’ was published to help individuals, who have never been on a cruise choose a suitable cruise and make the most of their holiday. The guide provides information such as how to select a desired cruise destination(s), book affordable cruises and even what to pack when going on a cruise. With increasing number of cruise passengers in the Europe, especially in the U.K., the guide acts as a comprehensive and unbiased resource for planning a memorable holiday.

The website also provides articles which elaborate on the various types of cruises, and discusses how each of them offers a different experience. For example on one of their articles ‘The Definitive Guide to Expedition Cruises’ informs that such cruises are more adventurous and points out how they are different than typical cruises. Popular destinations and popular expedition cruises with their brief itinerary are also shared on the website.

An interesting article titled ‘Top 5 Unusual Cruise Destinations’ provides cruise destinations which are most unique and are unexpected. The addition of surprise is usually involved in these cruises and the destinations never fail to impress the cruise passengers who eagerly wait to see which next exotic location the cruise will take them to.

WishCruises.com has also published various cruise ideas for those who are undecided on which type of cruise to go on. One example is the singles cruises which offer an opportunity to socialize with new people and rediscover oneself. Singles cruises are further divided according to specific demographic, to make the holiday even more entertaining with similar aged and likeminded people.

The list of Top 10 Cruises by WishCruises.com has been ranked according to popularity and experiences the cruises offer. Despite the popularity of the Caribbean cruises, it is the Fjords by P&O cruises that has taken the top spot. The article elaborates that the Fjords offer a scenic beauty that is unparalleled, and the seven night cruise by P&O cruises covers all exquisite locations and provides a luxurious holiday.

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