With a Child Reported Missing Every 40 Seconds, Parents Look Towards GPS Tracking Devices for Kids


Morrisville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- The Huffington Post recently shared certain surprising statistics on safety of children in the U.S., one of which being that a child is reported missing every 40 seconds. Many parents might think that they are well informed on their child’s location at all times and will never lose track of their own kids, however the publication on the blog also shared that nearly 90% of parents will experience losing a child in a public place at least once.

With families now consisting of either dual-working parents or a single parent, the probability of losing kids has increased manifold and usually even most preventive measures can be unsuccessful, as confirmed by the statistics.

The only feasible solution to stay informed at all times of a child’s location is the usage of GPS tracking devices which are especially made for kids.

The owner and editor of the website states, “There is a common misconception that GPS tracking devices cost a lot and are bulky sized. However, the trend is significantly changing due to price drops in technology and inventions based on reducing the size of a device. Today a GPS tracking devices can easily be purchased at affordable costs for pets, kids, cars and any valuable possession.”

The website,, is one of the few on the internet which is focused on reviewing various practical GPS tracking devices and offering extensive information on working of these devices.

The editor further added, “Due to increasing demand for GPS devices for kids, there already exist companies that are well established in the country. and are providing a service that is both affordable and has great coverage. Products such as Falcon GPS Tracker, PocketFinder Personal GPS Locator and AmberAlert GPS, which is going through an aggressive marketing phase, are some of the currently popular tracking devices that have received great reviews from customers and are selling well.”

Apart from reviewing various GPS Tracking devices for kids, the website has also shared reviews of tracking devices for pets & cars. Currently the Falcon GPS Tracker has the best rating on the site due to its exceptional features such as use of SIM card, operation via SMS messages, Geo-Fences, motion detection, OverSpeed alarm, SOS button and Live tracking mode.

About is one of the rare websites that provides reviews of various GPS tracking devices which are affordable to the general public. Apart from reviews, the website consistently publishes related news articles, inventions, future prospects and essential information regarding GPS for consumers.

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