With It's Speed Rope and Speed Cable in High Demand, King Athletic Reveals New Amazon Sale in March

Speed Rope developer King Athletic revealed today a follow-up March Amazon sale.


Quebec, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2014 -- After the great success of the Speed Rope (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GFYOZJM) and Cable Rope (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HCRSC9U) Amazon sale, King Athletic reveals a subsequent March sale on Amazon. Sale starts Saturday March 28th and continues through to Wednesday, April 2nd and will offer a 10% discount with special coupon code (PIM8RVJ4). The Speed Rope and Speed Cable were on a limited-time sale on Amazon at the beginning of February and to this date demand has been big, the King Athletic spokesman, Benjamin Davies revealed today.

The lifestyle sports brand offers cutting-edge gear that's portable and high-endurance to ensure everyone from pro athletes to fitness fans have a reliable tool to exercise with. Benjamin Davies commented on the success of the Speed Rope sale, "As a lifestyle athletic brand we're excited that people are so keen to integrate our jump ropes in their fitness routines. We've put a lot of work in developing these and it's rewarding to see people appreciating it. We'd like to thank every consumer who used the Amazon coupon codes for getting the jump ropes on a discount. We're planning a follow-up Amazon sale with many surprises", Mr. Davies revealed.

The demand for portable, efficient workout props is immense and King Athletic realized this first hand with the unprecedented demand for the Speed Rope during the February Amazon sale.

The Speed Rope and Speed Cable are designed for speed training in a variety of sports and training programs. Suitable for MMA athletes and CrossFitters who wish to improve their agility, the jump ropes help athletes improve their training speed and reach the peak of their performance.

Not exclusive to just pro athletes, the ropes are suitable for all sorts of workouts that focus on achieving a speed and endurance boost. Jump ropes are an all-in-one tool that tones up the entire body and improves exercise endurance, making it an ideal tool for both at-home and gym workouts.

The science of fitness gets more intricate, however the popularity of minimal gear in the last few years suggests that a substantial population segment invests in all-time classic workouts, like skipping rope. This sale will include not only the Speed Rope but other jump ropes from the King Athletic collection.

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