With Liftory eCommerce, Businesses Don't Have to Fail to Learn


Warrington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2015 -- With a thorough understanding of what goes into building and maintaining an online brand, Liftory is a company that offers eCommerce consulting in Philadelphia for anyone looking to make their eCommerce business stand out. They are firm believers in the importance of failure and learning from it, but that doesn't mean they set their clients up for it. On the contrary, Liftory specializes in navigating their customers past the mistakes, as well as the misconceptions that make so many promising eCommerce businesses fail. Liftory has already learned from the failures they've seen go down in the eCommerce world and are on a mission to help their clients avoid them with their expertise in meCommerce, brand creation and more.

Liftory has announced a comprehensive and detailed plan to make their clients a success instead of a failure. The company now offers all clients personalized customer storyboarding & analytics, creative & brand directions, eCommerce & marketing strategies, conversation optimization & testing strategies, warehousing & fulfilments, and an enterprise marketing platform. Because every eCommerce business is unique, all the services Liftory offers are tailored to the needs of the individual business. Anyone who knows they need help in avoiding the pitfalls that so many eCommerce businesses fall in, can find out what Liftory can do for them by browsing the company website or by contacting them directly through it.

Liftory is equipped to help anyone from an eCommerce business that needs to build their concept or brand from scratch, to an already existing eCommerce business that requires online retail consulting in Philadelphia.

About Liftory
The team of marketing executives, digital marketing managers, business analysts and creative editors at Liftory works with eCommerce and technology companies to accelerate their growth. As a digital management consulting firm focused on growing each brand's image and increasing revenue, Liftory uses every strategy available to implement personalized marketing and growth plans. They focus on brand marketing, digital marketing, customer centricity modeling and conversion optimization so that each brand's online presence is designed to beat the competition in every facet of digital commerce.

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