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With Mis-Sold PPI Back in the Headlines, Borrowers Are Turning to to Get Their Unfair Payments Back


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2012 -- For the last three years, mis sold PPI has been a big topic of conversation for many people. Banks are no longer getting away with mis-selling payment protection insurance and now the FSA is making them pay back borrowers who paid into these policies unfairly.

Although this story has been quiet for the past couple of months, PPI has found its way back into the media with the announcement by major high street banks that they will be setting aside even more money for PPI claims.

In order to specifically cater to customers from all the different banks, have invested in a brand new website full of essential information about claiming back PPI.

As a result, an increasing number of people are turning to to learn more about PPI and how to find out if they might be able to file a claim. This new website explains the PPI mis-selling scandal and why borrowers might be able to claim back mis-sold PPI.

“There are a lot of PPI policies currently active, around 20 million, and over two million of these are thought to have been mis-sold since 2004. If consumers have taken out any of the following over the last 6 years, they could have a claim: personal loan, credit card, mortgage, hire purchase agreement or car finance. If consumers have any of these, they may be paying for mis-sold PPI that they don’t know about,” warns

By visiting the website, borrowers can fill out a simple form in order to get more information about filing a PPI claim. This will allow them to be contacted by a PPI claims adviser. The process for filing mis sold ppi claims can be complicated, but the professionals at are very experienced and can provide expert advice on how borrowers should proceed.

A spokesperson explained:

“We have been handling PPI claims for over four years which is about as long as the industry has been around. If consumers decide to use our claims specialists we handle the whole process for them. This includes completing forms, dealing with the financial institutions and ensuring the correct amount of PPI is repaid including interest. It allows people to carry on with their busy lives while we use our expertise to claim back money that is rightfully theirs.”

One visit to MissoldPPI and individuals can take the first step toward possibly receiving thousands of pounds in mis-sold PPI payouts.

About has helped reunite thousands of mis-sold PPI victims with their hard-earned cash and fought every single lender in the process. With a team of specialist solicitors and expert advisers, they offer one of the most efficient PPI claim services available in anywhere in the UK. Any individuals who think that they might have been mis-sold PPI can call 0800 840 7292 today in order to speak with one of these professionals.

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