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With Professional Cameras Becoming Cheaper, Are Pictures Getting Any Better?


Riverton, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- Last year, DSLR cameras topped the charts as one of the best-selling electronics during the Holiday Season. But are new camera owners actually using these cameras to their full potential, or just treating them like cell phone cameras with the automatic mode killing their picture?

5 Things A Camera Can’t do on Auto:

-No White Balance Control. This means yellow-toned pictures indoors, blue-toned pictures in shade or overcast skies.

-Temperamental Exposures. This means a bright sky will make subjects darker, and dark clothing will cause overexposed faces.

-Incorrect Focusing. Focusing mechanisms meant to get a sharp focus where you want it can only be controled when the camera is set to creative modes.

-Blurry Images. In low lighting situations the camera will try to capture more light by using a slower shutter speed, resulting in motion blur.

-Unwanted Flash. Instead of capturing the ambiance of a romantically lit atmosphere, the camera’s flash will fire automatically, creating blasted subjects and harsh shadows.

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