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With Sea Freight Costs at Record Lows, JS Forwarding Notes New Opportunities

All-time lows for sea freight transport pricing open up rewarding new options for company's customers, JS Forwarding reports


Suffolk, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2015 -- JS Forwarding, one of the United Kingdom's leading freight forwarding specialists for over thirty years, revealed at www.jsforwarding.co.uk new ways for the company's clients to take advantage of record-low sea freight pricing. With China's economy slowing even as total global sea freight capacity climbs to previously unseen levels, opportunities for low-cost, sea-based freight transport abound. JS Forwarding customers can now take advantage of these many attractively priced options by making use of the company's full-container and less-than-container sea freight shipping programs and other industry-leading services.

"It has never been less expensive to move freight by sea, and we're happy to report that we are well positioned to help our customers take advantage of this fact," JS Forwarding representative Chris Garrett said, "Our full-container shipping prices have hit previously unimaginable lows, and we continue to work with our partners to push costs even lower. Our weekly consolidation services even make it easy for those with smaller shipments to take advantage of these historic opportunities. As always, our fast, reliable customs clearing and freight forwarding services remain available to further enhance the value we deliver."

As China's export activity and importance to the global economy have ramped up over the course of the last few decades, seagoing shipping companies have consistently expanded their own capacities in response. Even since the end of 2011, global capacity has increased from around 15 million twenty-foot-equivalent units to nearly 20 million. With a number of record-setting container ships having been christened into service in just the last couple of years, this surge in shipping capacity was already exerting intense downward pressure on transport pricing.

At the same time, China's overall export and import volumes have both been flagging, freeing up shipping capacity and pushing pricing even lower. Between these two price-reducing influences, sea freight costs are now lower than at any time in history, with broad measures like the China Containerized Freight Index hitting record lows in recent weeks.

As one of the United Kingdom's foremost freight experts since 1983, JS Forwarding is especially well positioned to help companies throughout the country take advantage of the opportunities springing from this important development. As is detailed at the company's website, JS Forwarding provides a full range of freight-related services, arranging for sea freight transport at rock-bottom prices while also taking care of customs clearance, forwarding, and other important needs.

Those interested in exploring these possibilities can easily arrange for free quotes for their own projects at http://www.jsforwarding.co.uk/sea-freight.html

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