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With Warmer Weather Finally Here, J & L Paving Is Now Urging Customers to Consider Seal Coating


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2013 -- There are some misconceptions about when and why property owners should sealcoat their driveway. Most people understand the importance of protecting their driveway and paved surfaces. Sealcoating prior to the harsh winter months is crucial to ensure a longer life for driveways and paved surfaces. Although sealcoating needs to be completed before the winter strikes, action needs to be taken long before the temperatures drop. Now that the warmer weather is approaching, J & L Paving is now urging potential customers to consider sealcoating.

Some people are under the impression that sealcoating should be done in the fall prior to the start of winter. However, sealers require warmer conditions in order to properly dry and cure. Typically, sealers can’t suitably cure if the average temperatures drop below fifty degrees. Therefore, the fall tends to be a less ideal time of year to undergo larger sealcoating projects. Late spring and summer is usually the best time of year to sealcoat asphalt. Although sealcoating will often dry in cooler temperatures, 75 degrees or higher is typically the recommended range for sealcoating to properly cure. If sealcoating is not properly cured, it can actually wash away during strong rains and lead to a big mess.

Along with the presence of warmer temperatures, late spring and summer also provide another important component when it comes to sealcoating. The days in fall and winter are accompanied by fewer hours of sunlight. Spring and summer reflect the longest days of exposure to sunlight. In order for sealcoating to cure effectively, direct sun light exposure needs to take place. The professionals at J&L Paving, paving contractors Montgomery County, have over twenty years of experience in all aspects of asphalt and will be able to discuss sealcoating at length with every customer.

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