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Witherings: Thrilling Mystery, Unanswered Questions & Looming Death Collide in Compelling Real-Time Novel - Thirst for the Unconventional? Read On

Masterfully crafted by A.R. Khan, ‘Witherings’ breaks all of literature’s rules to force-feed readers an intense cocktail of razor-sharp mystery, fearless dilemmas and provocative life lessons. When a dying man invites the only suspect in his wife’s disappearance to move in with him, expect more than the unexpected in a narrative that has positioned Khan as a writer who knows no boundaries. However, don’t be fooled by the book’s unique subject matter; this is one bold and explicit read that vividly depicts some of humanity’s most dreaded realities.


Edmonton, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- Most new authors have a fairly simple mandate; to follow literature’s rules and thrill their readers for the length of time it takes them to read the book. However, A.R. Khan bucks this trend with gusto; by melding stay-awake narratives with an opportunity to learn new things about the idiosyncrasies of the human condition.

Khan is currently storming the scene with ‘Witherings’, a chillingly-real and daring story that takes place in real-time, as one man embarks on an all-or-nothing quest that will knowingly leave him dead.


“Twenty-eight minutes ago I found out that I was dying. Two minutes later, I invited the only suspect in my wife's disappearance to move in with me.”

Packed with extreme suspense and intense psychological tension, Witherings tells the dark story, in real-time, of a dying, deteriorating, middle-aged man who devotes the remaining hours of his life on a “nothing to lose” mission. A.R. Khan masterfully pins the reader to the wall and doesn't let go until the last three words of the final chapter.

Arthur McQueen is forty-nine years old, married, and counting down the hours to his inevitable death from brain cancer. After learning his cancer has progressed to stage IV, he invites the only suspect in his wife’s disappearance to move in with him. With a desperate desire to seek the truth about her disappearance, a plan in place, and a nothing to lose attitude, Arthur quickly realizes that his rapidly deteriorating health is becoming an obstacle.

“Let me set the record straight; my primary goal is to kick convention out of the window to deliver narratives unlike anything my readers have previously discovered,” explains Khan. “This involves stories that not only entertain the reader, but stir their emotions and leave them with plenty to think about. If every reader can close the back cover having learned a life lesson, or been inspired to see the world in a different way, I see my mission as accomplished.”

Continuing, “Storytelling is of course an art, and no great artist carves their mark by sticking to the rule book. I’ve got great feedback coming in from readers, with many of them unable to let go of the novel after they have started it. What more could a new author ask for?!”

To date, the novel has attracted a string of rave reviews. For example, MoJa comments, “I started this book on Friday night and I was trapped in it the rest of the weekend. I cancelled appointment with friends for just reading this book. I agree to the other reader that this book is for mature readers, who have as much life experiences as the author. This is a very intense story and paced fast. Reading this book had me like riding on a rolla coaster. I couldn't catch a breath until the last few words of the book.”

Jan O’Kane adds, “I read this book one afternoon and found it fascinating on several different levels. It's a thriller as well as a story of loss, depression, revenge, love and LIFE LESSONS. I would recommend this book to mature readers. I found I could not stop reading, it was captivating.”

Claude Lambert positions Khan alongside literature’s greats, writing, “This is an ambitious book, with inspiration similar to some of Salman Rushdie's books.”

‘Witherings’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1tSD4QQ.

About A.R Khan
A.R Khan was born and currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta. He graduated with a degree in Accounting and is currently working as a Project Accountant. His passion for story telling forced him to produce his first book in 2014, "Witherings," which is rapidly gaining attention for its unique premise and storytelling. A.R. Khan plans to continue his unique structure of storytelling in the fall of 2014 with “Lights.”