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Within Your Reach: Author's Life-Changing Journey Through Diabetes Empowers Those with No Hope to "Believe, Receive and Reciprocate"

Written from the heart by motivational speaker, Chris Lynch, ‘Within Your Reach: A Journey through Diabetes’ tells the story of Lynch’s sudden 2008 hospitalization, where his blood sugar levels peaked to one of the highest ever recorded. By almost killing him, this experience actually saved Lynch’s life, compelling him to put his faith in God and embark on a new life of true health and happiness. Having put his experiences on paper into a unique ‘playbook’, those without hope finally have a blueprint to embrace their pain and prosper.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- Chris Lynch holds an unlikely yet strangely alluring accolade; one of the world’s highest recorded blood sugar levels, at a whopping 1,469 milligrams per deciliter. In 2008 Lynch was lying on a North Carolina hospital bed receiving this unplanned news, and the realization that he should have been dead spawned a dramatic transformation. Lynch threw his old way of life out of the window, embraced the word of God and now travels the country helping others who feel trapped and hopeless by their own adversity.

In a unique fusion of memoir and self-help, Lynch has compiled his experiences and wisdom into a powerful new book. ‘Within Your Reach: A Journey through Diabetes’ offers a playbook and path to anyone looking to start the steady walk to recovery, good health and abundant happiness under the watchful eye of faith.


In 2008, Chris Lynch’s life was transformed in four dramatic days when he was hospitalized with diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperkalemia, and atrial fibrillation. Diagnosed with a blood sugar level of 1,469 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl), Chris faced near-death and a lifetime of insulin dependence. Realizing his survival was a miracle made possible by God, Chris began a new journey into health and renewed faith, successfully reducing his insulin dependence from 120 units per day to zero.

Always a positive spirit dedicated to helping others, Chris determined to share his story with other people, along with a simple, powerful message: “Believe, Receive, and Reciprocate.” A dynamic and engaging speaker, Chris’ humor, down-to-earth approach, and unforgettable story come together in this book.

Chris plans to inspire people experiencing trauma and pain to turn around their approach to life: from fear to engagement; from denial to acceptance; from self-aggrandizement to enabling hope, love, and peace to others, within their reach.

“My family history and poor diet put me at huge risk of blood sugar-related illness, but we all live our lives thinking it just won’t happen to us,” admits Lynch. “Unfortunately for me, it did; big time. But by taking me to the brink of death, Diabetes actually saved my life. It also led me to create a playbook-style guide to living and managing a successful life.”

Continuing, “Millions of people know that their life’s current future is grim, but they lack direction for a way out. My book will urge them to embrace their struggles, start the long walk to redemption and always seek guidance from our higher power. My “believe, receive and reciprocate” model is already being put to use across the country as a result of my speaking engagements. I’m now bringing this story and resource into everyone’s hands through the book.”

Readers have been impressed, leaving a slew of positive reviews. Jennye T. Johnson comments, “Chris shares his life, completely and honestly. Experienced all kinds of emotions as I read the book.... made me laugh, then cry; made me sad, then happy; gave me much to reflect upon; left me with hope. I have recommended it to many friends, especially those who are struggling with chronic illnesses ... as well as those who are struggling with their faith. Thanks Chris for sharing your life with us.”

AJ adds, “The author Chris has a real passion about this disease and you can feel through his struggles the passion he exudes because he wants to help others. His experiences and passion are a much better read because it's not just another Dr. driven Diabetes book speaking from only a medical standpoint.”

‘Within Your Reach: A Journey through Diabetes’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1vI0Qjr and on iTunes.

The author recently appeared on Fox Business’s ‘The Willis Report’. View the segment here: http://fxn.ws/1qkG8p6.

About Chris Lynch
A professional salesperson, and motivational speaker, Chris Lynch has a family history of diabetes that contributed to his diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in 2008. A first-time author, Chris lives and works in Washington, D.C.

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