Joe Bragg Launches Practical Guide to the Best Snoring Prevention Tools creates detailed reviews and offers consumer advice on the various anti-snoring aids available on the market, encouraging informed decision making.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2013 -- Recently featured on the Mail Online, the world’s number one news site, was a device which claimed it could cure three million snorers in the UK. While apparently news to the mainstream media, specialists in the field have been developing these devices for years, and for all of the main cures in the market, Without Snoring has released its own detailed product review describing how effective it really is in treating a condition that causes sleepless nights for millions around the world.

Snoring can be the result of many different conditions and sleeping habits, and Without Snoring make sure that all visitors to their site understand that one solution will not solve all the different kinds of snoring, but the right solution can prevent snoring when matched to the appropriate causes.

The reviews include a clear summary of the products manufacturer, price, FDA approval status, money back guarantee status and whether or not the product has undergone clinical trials. The review also has a featured ‘how it works’ section that describes the reason the device is successful in preventing snoring, as well as a list of the pros and cons.

A spokesperson for Without Snoring explained, “There are such a large number of devices currently available on the market that unfortunately many consumers get lost in the claims made by the manufacturers and actually end up purchasing inappropriate devices for their needs. Our site aims to eliminate that problem by creating a Best list that demonstrates what we feel to be the best anti-snoring device for each major snoring cause. We have reviewed everything from mouth guards to anti-snoring pillows which aim to shift the sleepers’ habits into a non-snoring position. We also have editorials that help newcomers assess and determine what is causing their snoring so they can move forward empowered by the knowledge that can help them make the right consumer decisions.”

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