Wizabiz Launches Kickstarter Project for Their Flagship Product Wizabiz; The Reboot for the Business Card

Wizabiz lights up business cards using a smart phone for unforgettable first impressions.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- Entrepreneur Joe Bressie created a unique medium for the business card with custom backgrounds that can be shared and also changed remotely. When a business owner or hobby enthusiast shows their lit up Wizabiz card then magically slide it off the phone’s screen, a fantastic first impression is created. It’s long been known that first impressions can make all the difference in a future relationship to grow a business or even a club. Anybody on the receiving end of a card like this couldn’t help themselves but share that magical experience with others – and that’s when a business can go viral.

Thanks to the custom-designed translucent card and their patent pending app and technology, anyone can project and share backgrounds, animation, videos and more all through their Wizabiz card. With NFC (Near Field Communications) built into every smart phone, business professionals can know who looked at their business card anywhere in the world.

With a Wizabiz card, a whole new kind of customization is possible. With a hobby card, for example, a car club can have its club name change colors as the background changes with any make or model of car. A member of a sports team can have their jersey number in the background. The different number of possibilities is nearly endless.

Professionals looking to increase sales can develop a Wizabiz card with a lit-up background showing a new product or recently completed project. From stone masons showing their latest masterpiece to a hardware manufacturer who wants to showcase their latest creation, the Wizabiz multimedia business card puts a business into a whole new light.

Crowdfunding is sought to complete research and development of the patent-pending app itself and the accompanying cards. As Wizabiz is a groundbreaking product, funds are needed to finalize the working prototypes and bring Wizabiz to market.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on ends on December 18, 2014.

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