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WODFitters Celebrates Crossfit Open with 40% off on Their Top of the Line Speed Jump Rope on Amazon


Albuquerque, NM -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Working out is the best way of maintaining shape and to stay lean in the long run. Many new exercise methods and products have been created for the ultimate convenience of people these days, but jump ropes still stand their ground in the exercise world as one of the best calorie burners. While jumping rope has been around for a while, new technologies are helping jumpers to increase their speed and intensity. The WODFitters Jump Rope has been specifically designed for double and triple unders, and to allow people to achieve maximum speed in their jump rope workouts

“The WODFitters jump rope is made of light, kink resistant cable and uses bearings in the handle to spin fast to provide an intense workout. ” – said Kat Cseke, the owner of WODFitters.

“Double unders are an integral part of Crossfit workouts. This year’s Crossfit Open started with a double unders combined with snatches. Over 200,000 people are participating in the Open, which means a lot of double unders performed. “ – she added.

WODFitters decided to make their top of the line speed jump rope available at a reduced price on Amazon for a limited time to make it accessible for all athletes as a celebration of the Crossfit Open.

The WODFitters Speed Jump Rope comes with a carrying case which enables athletes to easily take the rope with them without tangling it up. It is kink free and does not get coiled. The rope is fully adjustable and can be easily used by men, women and even children.

WODFitters strives to provide quality products for Crossfitters, such as jump ropes, pull up assistance bands, pull up bars, gym rings, and other sports equipment. All of the products can be purchased on Amazon and on

About WODfitters
WODfitters offers equipment specifically designed and developed for Crossfit athletes and affiliates. They offer a wide variety of products and supplies for Crossfit enthusiasts, from beginners to hardcore Olympic-level athletes.

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Kat Cseke
Albuquerque, NM