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Wolf and Badger Elucidates What It Takes to Make a Statement with Mona Mara's Necklaces

When it comes to necklaces, celebrities definitely have their say. And Mona Mara’s designs apparently have a place in the fashion jewelry industry.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2014 -- Mona Mara is co-founded & co-designed by young designers Zoe Jones and John J Lindsley. The duo create chic jewellery with meaning; each piece inspired by the white-noise whirr of London life, its sharp shapes and pithy pearls of wisdom designed to lend themselves to your character, not define it. Launched in April 2013, the brand has been spotted on the likes of Rihanna and Jessie J. Made in Britain.”

Bar necklaces, the trend of today, are some of Mona Mara’s masterpieces. Mona Mara’s scroll sterling silver necklace, for example, is an intricately crafted scroll pendant that is engraved with “We all have a story to tell…” on a short necklace. It can be work with any outfit and for any occasion. Celebrities attest to using it from the red carpet up to their shopping routines. And since necklace is a sign of making a statement, here are some tips on how to passionately use a necklace whatever design it is, whatever occasion or purpose it serves:

Be Sentimental While Making a Statement

While some people simply wear necklaces to adorn themselves, others do it because their neckpieces are of sentimental value to them like a gift from a significant other, a family heirloom, or a part of their culture. Whatever the reason is for wearing necklaces, it is always best to do it to reflect one’s own style spirit.

Keep It Simple Yet Fashionable (and Practical too)

Too much of something is bad enough. Adorning one’s self with a big ornate number pairing it with a top or a dress that has too much elaboration already is a big no-no. Toning down on the hand pieces and ear pieces when there is a statement necklace emphasizes the look more. And while doing it, make sure to be practical without compromising quality.

Perk It Up with Fabulous Necklaces

Fashion isn’t complete without the statement necklaces. And Mona Mara’s statement necklaces are indeed swoon-worthy like the Mona Mara “Seek and You Shall Find” pendant and the “Swalk Wax Seal” pendant. Whether it is a simple gold chain or a string of pearls, any boring outfit is sure to be turned into an awesome one with these statement neckpieces.

Remember the Guidelines

- When you want to go for layered necklaces. There are people who often mix necklaces in different shapes and sizes. This is a bit challenge because when one does not know how to do the perfect mix, instead of looking fashionable, the person only ends up looking weighed down.

- The choker rule: Just wear it – alone. Forget about the earrings and oh, those bangles too.

- Open necklines deserve swanky accents. The same goes for solid color tops.

- Higher hemlines should be paired with shorter strands.

- Consider the “occasion” when choosing which necklace to wear. One would not want to go to a formal meeting looking all adorned with neckpieces having a touch of punk.

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