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Woman Claims She Has Photographic Proof God Exists


Mountain View, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2013 -- A North Atlanta woman believes she has proof God exists and does indeed hear prayers. Sophia Clark is sharing her story, along with her video and photographic proof to inspire others who feel depressed, alone, or question their faith in God.

“While God has not promised to provide us with everything we pray for, our unanswered prayers can make us question if he really hears each and every one of us—each and every time we pray. I wasn’t looking for proof that God exists, I know that he does. I wanted proof that he was listening.” Sophia Clark

Last week when Sophia received the news that her mom was facing a life-threatening health condition, her fear for her mother’s well-being kept her up all night worrying about the future. As she has so many times before, Sophia turned to prayer and asked God to give her a sign that he could hear her. She fell asleep around 10:45 a.m. and woke up in the late evening to find what appeared to be a sign from God on her bedroom wall.

“I too used to giggle when people said they saw Jesus or God's face in a piece of burnt toast or on a tree limb, but I stopped giggling a long time ago. Right in front of me, on my bedroom wall, was proof that God exists.” Sophia Clark

Convinced no one would believe her, Sophia quickly pulled out her smartphone and snapped a photograph of what she saw. In sixty seconds, the image faded away. She then recorded a video of her amazing experience—including the image she shot on her phone that for her, confirmed God had heard her prayers. You can see Sophia’s amazing story in its entirety at

About Sophia Clark
Sophia Clark is an everyday woman who runs an online clothing boutique and sings Pop/Soul/Gospel in her spare time. She was raised Baptist in her home town of Miami, but considers herself to be more spiritual than religious. While she has long believed in God, she is like many who sometimes question if God really hears her prayers. If the symbol in the photograph is what it appears to be, she may have gotten her answer.

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