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Woman's Magazine RooGirl Launches Its Fun, Entertaining and Sometimes Controversial Magazine


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- RooGirl, a woman’s magazine that offers its readers the perfect combination of humorous, silly, serious and even controversial articles, has just launched its entertaining new magazine.

From articles that offer helpful tips about relationships or examine why women should strive to always use cruelty-free cosmetics to an amusing post about why women are superior to men, RooGirl features a plethora of content that is sure to appeal to a variety of readers.

What RooGirl does not include is as noteworthy as what it does; the magazine does not feature page after page of articles about the latest fashions, who is dating who in Hollywood, and what “Brangelina” may or may not be up to this week.

“Our team of talented writers brings you content that is sometimes controversial, often hilarious, and always entertaining,” an article on the RooGirl website noted, adding that for women who are curious, adventurous, and playful, RooGirl is a one-stop source for all the knowledge and life advice that is necessary, unnecessary, and everything in between.

People who would like to read more about RooGirl are welcome to visit the website at anytime; there, they can browse through the vast amount of articles. Handy category tabs like “Food & Health,” “Sex & Love,” and “Funny & Weird” can help readers quickly find the type of articles they are in the mood to read.

The home page also features a list of the most recent posts; these currently include a hilarious look at the nine dumbest answers ever given during beauty pageants, 20 “messed up” pregnancy secrets that no one ever bothers to share with expectant mothers, and the oh-so-true “31 Annoying Things About Grocery Shopping.” Anyone who shops for food regularly will be able to relate to these funny observations, including how difficult it can be to maneuver around children whose parents let them push the grocery cart.

Speaking of carts, the dreaded grocery cart that is not working properly ranks number seven on the list.

“When you’re not being assaulted by pint-sized shopping cart drivers, your own cart is doing its best to try your patience,” the article said.

“You either get the squeaky one, the warped one, or the one that won’t roll. Your options are to bring a tool kit to the store with you, or just use a handheld basket. The downside of using a basket is that you’ll end up going to the store every single day.”

For a woman who is looking for a fun magazine that does not take itself too seriously, and is also not afraid to tackle some thought-provoking topics now and then, RooGirl offers her all that and more.

About RooGirl
RooGirl is an entertainment magazine that features serious, humorous, and sometimes ridiculous content. For women who need real advice on relationships, information about stereotypes that are perpetuated by the internet and much more, RooGirl has them covered with everything they need to know – as well as some things they never thought to ask. For more information, please visit http://roogirl.com