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Wombat Servers Sign New Agreement with All New Datacenter to Increase Performance

Australia’s largest Minecraft and gaming server provider will increase its performance with additional speed and reliability after signing a new deal with a high end datacenter.


Sydney, New South Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Online gaming is enjoyed by millions of people around the globe as a way to relax, compete or simply discover online worlds with the benefit of others. In order to enjoy this experience gamers must log in to servers, in which the game takes place. For those seeking a more customizable experience, such as being able to invite only specific friends into an online world, a gaming server can be purchased for personal use. In Australia, the number one provider of such servers is Wombat Servers, Australian gaming enthusiasts will now reap the benefits of a new deal signed by the company to increase their server space and speed.

The company, which started in order to provide services for those seeking a minecraft server, has quickly expanded to cover other frontiers of popular online gaming including Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike Global Offensive. Unlike many international providers, the servers used by Wombat Servers are Australian based, giving a huge boost in performance for gamers in Australia who don’t have to route their games through oceanic pipelines in order to get a response.

The company makes it fast and easy to buy an Australian minecraft server, and have now committed themselves to making their servers faster and easier to manage. Part of this process was signing a new deal with a new datacenter- a server hub in which the physical drives housing the storage and data are kept.

A spokesperson for Wombat Servers explained, “The new deal will allow us to provide faster servers with even higher uptime, making the servers more reliable than ever. The new datacenter will also provide a vastly increased amount of server space so that we are able to competitively provide server space for all those gamers who are flocking to us in need of high quality gaming servers- a number that is on the rise seemingly every day.”

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