Women Going Gaga for Gridiron, Sick with Football Fever

Self-Proclaimed 'Football Dude' scores points teaching 'Footballese' to fairer sex in new book


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2014 -- Not everybody knows what a nose tackle or a shotgun formation is. Especially women. "When I was growing up, football was mostly a man's domain. There has been a great influx of female fans, commentators and writers since then, yet a large gender gap remains. There are many women who need a guide to decipher what is going on and also a cunning way to connect with or impress the men in their lives," says AJ Newell a.k.a. 'The Football Dude', author of Gaga for Gridiron –The Ultimate Guide to Football for Women.

"I wrote this book for certain women out there who want to gain an edge in social interactions that are happening in the workplace or in their personal lives, so they don't appear clueless about what is going on. When you watch these games and they start talking it's like they are speaking another language. Football can be intimidating and the rules are fairly complex, but a few basics will go a long way. You need someone to simplify this for you, make it easy to understand – but not the people you are watching the game with at the BBQ, the tailgate party, the Super Bowl party, etc."

Although Newell has never played football professionally, nor had any affiliation with the NFL, he claims to have an innate understanding of football strategy and in his words, "an encyclopedic storehouse of knowledge" regarding all things football.

"Even if you don't like football, you should buy my guide to keep around for special situations – you never know when you'll need it. It's embarrassing to say something out of make an ignorant statement about a football game you are watching in the company of others. Any man present will know you are talking B.S. Even worse is asking constant questions while others are trying to enjoy the game. My book will enhance your enjoyment and increase your confidence in numerous social situations."

Newell suggests his book even extends into the dating arena. "A lot is mentioned about how a man can score brownie points with women. Speaking 'Footballese' is a sneaky way for women to score brownie points with men. I liken men's fascination with football to women's fascination with romance novels or weddings. Every guy I know or have ever known would say to himself "Oh, she's a cool chick…"

Newell waxes on about the sociology of football. "Football is to America what the gladiators were to Ancient Rome. There are so many 'Can you believe that!?' moments. Then there are the stories of individual players that intrigue us all and grip the nation. Tim Tebow garnered an amazing amount of buzz this year for example. Forget baseball and hockey – America's favorite pastime is football!"

AJ has been to two Super bowls – the Patriots played in each. He predicts New England will beat the Giants by 3 points in the upcoming rematch of Super Bowl XLII. "My Super Bowl prediction? 37-34 New England. I love Eli Manning and will be rooting for the Giants but Tom Brady has this look in his eye like he is going to win it all this time. Plus the Patriots have a Jedi Yoda master named Bill Belichick."

About Gaga for Gridiron
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