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Women & Lemons: Life-Changing New Book Inspires over 50s Women to Embrace 21st Century 'Quintastic' Mindset

Proving that fifty really is the new thirty, Janice L. Walker’s compelling upcoming book urges Quintastic women to begin new adventures and live their dreams. Instead of buying into society’s mindset that ‘it’s over’ for women after forty, ‘Women & Lemons™: Your Time Is Now’ empowers women to recognize and take full advantage of the unlimited opportunities that fifty and above affords. ‘Womens & LemonsTM ‘assures Quintastic Women everywhere that is it not over for them at this stage; this is just the beginning – a long awaited new beginning!


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2013 -- In generations gone by, women over forty were encouraged to slow down and prepare for a quiet life of simple routine, e.g., retirement, grandchildren, part-time work, and volunteering. However, with society seeing radical reform and realizing that fifty really is the new thirty, millions of women are adopting a ‘Quintastic’ mindset and shifting gear into high speed and pursuing their dreams.

A ground-breaking new book by Ohio’s Janice Walker is revitalizing the Quintastic movement by helping women turn their focus inward, concentrate on fulfillment, and live their best life – now!

Synopsis of ‘Women & Lemons™: Your Time Is Now’:

This book was specifically written for YOU, the Quintastic Woman -the fantastic woman in her 50s who has been a trailblazer on life’s path up until now. Reading this book will lead you down a path to dig deep inside and bring to your consciousness those long-abandoned passions, ideas, creativity, and desires that you have voluntarily relinquished and sacrificed in order to be everything to everybody. You have lived for everyone else up until now.

Perhaps for the first time in the 21st Century, this book encourages you as the Quintastic Woman to give yourself permission to feel hope about your future and the unlimited possibilities that are on the horizon specifically for you. You can now appreciate who you are now, which should motivate you to pursue your dream!

As a Quintastic Woman, are you thinking: What’s next for me? What am I going to do at this stage in my life? What do I want? What am I passionate about? If you want to enjoy your life like you never thought possible at this mature stage, Womens & LemonsTM is for you. Reading this book will affirm you, show you how to appreciate you, and help you to realize how much potential you have at this Quintastic Stage to live your dream; it is not too late, you came to the right place.

You’ve made enough lemonade with the lemons that life has thrown at you. Now is the time for you to squeeze the life out of that lemon and enjoy all that life has to offer you, which you so richly deserve!!

Strap on your seatbelt because with Womens & LemonsTM you are in for the ride of your life!

As the author explains, her book will serve as a saving grace to women who have previously bought into society’s blinkered view of life after fifty.

“Your time is now! With my book, you will begin the life-changing adventure of fulfilling your dreams. Believe me- the best is yet to come. When women reach fifty they are experienced, qualified and often financially stable. This is the perfect set of ingredients for a cocktail of endless possibilities,” says Walker, who made her own career as a successful Attorney.

Continuing, “Quintastic women have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that will help them achieve the dreams and desires they never thought possible. To use a fun analogy – it’s time for the Quintastic Woman to get out of the family sedan, strap into an eighteen-wheeler and barrel down the highway at full speed!”

‘Womens & LemonsTM: – Your Time Is Now’ is everywhere and everyone is talking about the social movement that Womens & LemonsTM will begin as Quintastic Women everywhere begin their adventure to live their dream. With the book expected to be in huge demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible after its release. ‘Women & Lemons™: Your Time Is Now’ is due to for release later this year.

The author is currently available for pre-publication reviews, features and interviews.

About Janice L. Walker
For the past 15 years, Janice L. Walker has conducted workshops and seminars for a variety of women’s groups. She is passionate about issues that involve women and believes that women do not truly appreciate themselves as they should, especially in their 50s. She encourages, affirms, motivates, and inspires women to be all that they can be, and accept nothing less than the best for themselves at this particular juncture in life. She considers herself the Quintastic Women’s Woman. She is married and has practiced corporate law in Cincinnati, Ohio, for the past 17 years. The next book in the Womens & Lemons’ series is: Butterflies and Snakes, which will present the Evolution, Transformation, and Reinvention of the Quintastic Woman.