Women - Why Can't They Just Get Along

BOOK RELEASE: October 3, 2014 “THE SISTERHOOD” ....Lessons I’ve learned along the way about Women and Friendships


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- Pat Gillum explores the age old question of “why women can’t seem to get along?” and have great relationships in life. In her debut book, Pat shares the lessons she has learned about women, the importance of friendship and how to have deeper, more meaningful relationships. Pat tackles deception, jealousy, backstabbing, and drama that sometimes exist among women in their personal and professional relationships. Whether a person is dealing with difficult women in the workplace or in their family, this book will share the 5 steps to guide them through the process of having great relationships and repairing damaged relationships with the women in their life.

About Pat Gillum
Pat Gillum is a certified life coach and CEO/Founder of Pat Gillum Consulting, a successful career, life and relationship coaching firm in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the founder of The Sisterhood Extravaganza, an organization that focuses on helping girls and women to become empowered to create the life they want to live through business and entrepreneurial ventures by understanding their value and worth.

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