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Etowah, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- WomenDatingHub is a website that has been designed for the sole purpose of helping women out with their relationship problems through expert advice and informative articles that tell women what men are really looking for. Recently the website featured advice on the subject of what attracts men to women and the secrets of "how to get a guy to like you". The advice has been compiled and shared by WomenDatingHub's panel of love and dating experts.

When entering the dating world it is necessary that women put their best foot forward, or in simpler words the most attractive version of themselves' for an increased chance of success in the world of dating. WomenDatingHub's "What Attracts Men To Women" serves as a cheat sheet for women who are trying to figure out what they should be doing to get the best response from guys. The first advice dating experts give to women is to take care of their appearances when meeting prospective love interests, wearing heavy make has been discouraged because according to the stats men prefer women with a more natural look, therefore looking fake and made-up is not the way to go. It is suggest that women go for a more natural and fresh look.

Another essential is confidence, WomenDatingHub dating experts suggest: "Make your man feel at home when he's with you. Confidence makes it easier for men to know women and be with them. If you're always jittery and stuttering on the first date, your man will not pursue a lifetime of uncomfortable tension. Make them know that it is enjoyable to be with you."

It is normal to have jittery nervousness but that feeling should not overcome one's personality, it is suggested that the best approach is to stay calm, cool and collected by matching the guy's level of confidence. Remember, most men find confidence sexy.

Sense of humor is another crowd pleaser, especially with men according to Women Dating Hub article. Most men associate a good sense of humor with intelligence therefore good looks can be given a boost with intelligence using the power of humor and wit. Humor is also a great way of exhibiting confidence and a fun loving nature. also released their 5 tips for "How to Get a Guy to like you". The article advises women to be confident, be themselves and be good company to make space in any man's heart.

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