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WomenReviewed.com Opens New Portal Site Reviewing Sexual and Health Products


Syracuse, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- MenReviewed.com, the successful sexual health portal for men, recently announced the official opening of their sister site, WomenReviewed.com, says MenReviewed chief editor, John Timmons.

"The male enhancement reviews along with information regarding general health were so popular on the men's site, we figured there was no reason it wouldn't be equally successful for the females. And, we were correct. Right from the start, the similarly formatted site has proved extremely popular." Says Timmons, the site offers reviews of skin care products, diet aids and libido enhancing products, along with anti-aging tips and weight loss suggestions.

Says Timmons, "The site offers unbiased and independent information on medically approved female enhancement, skin care, and anti-aging products. The readers can take comfort in researching female enhancement and other products knowing that WomenReviewed.com is one of the most trusted and respected female sexual health review sites on the web. Our mission is to help educate women about the multitude of female health products available. At WomenReviewed.com, we don't sell or manufacture any of the products listed on this site - and that allows us to give honest and unbiased product reviews without interference or prejudice." Timmons also points out no paid advertising is allowed on the site, keeping the site clutter-free and without bias.

The reviewers are four women of varying ages. According to Timmons, "We consider each member of our panel to be an 'expert' for a variety of reasons. The women who review our products are extremely knowledgeable in the world of female sexual enhancement, skin care, and weightloss - either because they've spent hundreds of hours researching and reviewing them - or because they've used several of the products themselves - and often both."

Timmons explains how there exists so many different products exist in the marketplace for each one of the categories covered by the site. "We realize there are many choices for women seeking to improve their sex lives with female sexual enhancement products and methods. There are so many products available it can be a daunting task to choose the best one for you. Our panel of women has spent thousands of hours studying and researching these products, and feel confident that they can narrow it down to the best products in each category. The WomenReviewed panel utilizes a variety of criteria to determine the quality of each enlargement product or program, including: customer feedback, clinical studies, medical research, quality of ingredients, doctor recommendations, and of course, safety. It's our hope that this multitude of free female sexual enhancement information and product reviews will allow readers to make an informed decision and find the product that's right for them.

About WomenReviewed.com
Opened in late 2012, WomenReviewed.com is the sister site of MenReviewed.com. WomenReviewed is a sexual and general health portal with independent product reviews of libido, skin care, diet supplements and more.Additionally, the site offers limited-time free samples of feminine products.

Website: http://www.womenreviewed.com