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Womens HealthandFertility.com Publishes Natural Tips for Becoming Pregnant

Following guide's natural tips can save many women from having to try harsh fertility treatments, reports Womens Health and Fertility


Mount Clemens, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- Many women have trouble conceiving, and thanks to media reports, they often think that overcoming this will be a very hard thing to do. The TV often tells about advanced procedures that are extremely expensive, invasive, or that cause massive hormonal disruptions. Needless to say, this is not calming for a woman who wants a baby and has not had success even after several attempts.

Womens Health and Fertility has announced a new guide to teach women methods they should try before going in for one of the draining medical procedures that are used as fertility treatments. The site says that while such medical procedures can work, they shouldn't be the first resort. Instead, both men and women should try natural remedies and lifestyle changes first. In many cases, this will result in conception.

"What many people don't realize is that fertility issues don't just affect women," said Miriam de Boer of womens health and fertility. "In many cases, the man has health conditions that lower his fertility levels. A man who is overweight or otherwise unhealthy is less likely to be able to father a baby even if the woman is in perfect health. Of course, the woman's health is also important. The best chances at conception come when both partners are in good shape."

Because both women and men need to watch their health as part of a conception effort, the site's guide gives health and lifestyle tips suited to each partner. This guide, trying to conceive tips, explains basic issues that can be helped with natural remedies. It also recommends a more in-depth guide, The Pregnancy Miracle, which goes into detail about everything from ancient Chinese remedies to modern holistic systems.

"It's important to note that we're not against modern medicine," said de Boer, "but we believe that natural solutions should be tried first when it comes to fertility. Many medically-based fertility programs involve things like forcing the woman's body to produce several eggs at once, artificial insemination, and other methods that can be very hard on the woman's body. These treatments are also known for causing mood swings, which makes daily life much harder and can put a big strain on a marriage. It just stands to reason that such options should only be used when healthier ones have failed, rather than as the first resort. For many couples, natural methods and lifestyle changes will allow them to have the baby they want without enduring any of the upheaval that comes with typical treatments."

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