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Women's Streetwear Brand Proper Gnar, Announces Release of Fall Line


Greenville, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2015 -- Female-fronted streetwear brand, "Proper Gnar" is set to release it's 2015 fall line, Friday, October 30th. The line focuses on skateboarding and femme power from designer and company founder, Latosha Stone. Unhappy with the selection for women's streetwear, Stone set out to create bold statement pieces that fit the brand name.

Regarding the company's name, Stone said, "A shortened version of the word 'gnarly', meaning high on the scale of dangerousness and coolness."

Soon after getting her first designs printed, Stone began experimenting with hand-made pieces like skirts and dresses.  In 2015, she started her own in-house screen printing to be able to readily produce her designs for consumers.  She exhibited her first pieces in fashion shows with RAW Columbus and Heart of it All Fashion.

The line sells women's clothing as well as cute skate accessories like boards, tools, and stickers.  Prices for tops range from $18 to $40.  Even though each item is limited print, keeping the line affordable and accessible is important to Stone.  She hopes for women who want to express their unique style to be able to purchase her items easily.

This collection draws inspiration from anime, fantasy, feminism, and skate culture.  It includes hand drawn designs and bold statement pieces that can easily transform and keep you looking original, whether you are cruising the street on your board, hanging with your friends, or having a night out on the town. Proper Gnar's style ranges from curve accentuating crop tops, bodysuits and super soft t-shirts to oversized sweaters with a touch of tie dye, a water-based ink print, and attention to detail.

Stone said, "Although PG is made 100% in small-town Ohio, since the beginning it has been proving that where you come from doesn't define your future, who, or what you want to be."

For more information, visit the website:, or on instagram and twitter under "propergnar."

About Proper Gnar
"Proper", meaning "fitting; right" and "Gnar", an abbreviated form of the word "gnarly", meaning "really fucking kick-ass" brings the name of this fashion-forward company to life.

Born in 2012, Proper Gnar is a female fronted streetwear brand focusing on skateboarding and femme power.

Media Contact:
Name: Latosha Stone
Phone: 937-417-4094