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Won-World.Org Announces 'Honor our Heroes' Campaign to Raise $300M for U.S Servicemen and Women

With a mission to build, maintain and grow a channel of fundraising for communities in need, Won-World.Org announces their landmark debut campaign aimed at supporting the needs of military families.


Vancouver, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2012 -- Won-World.Org’s mission is simple, to raise hundreds of millions of dollars and get vital funds to organizations that need it the most. Their first campaign, Honor Our Heroes, is designed to help military heroes and their families who gave and continue to give so much to the United States and the world.

“A huge void exists in terms of fully supporting the growing needs of our servicemen and women. Hundreds of thousands of current and past military personnel seek aid and support each year,” says Bruce Mandel, Chief Activationeer at Won-World.Org.

He continues, “With needs ranging from training and housing to medical care, transportation and emergency aid – we owe it to ourselves to provide funds and help them.”

The organization plans to work through the Relief Funds of the various branches of the Military; engaging them and their supporters to sell wrist bands, with each branch of service having their own unique color.

With a goal of selling 60 million bands at $5.00 each, Mandel hopes to empower Americans to do what is right.

“We need to connect with and engage the nation so that they feel compelled to take action and support our heroes. This year will see huge numbers of soldiers and support personnel returning home, so the timing is perfect,” he adds.

In fact, statistics show that nearly twenty percent of all returning veterans are in dire need of assistance. With Won-World.Org hoping to raise more than $300,000,000 across a wide range of Military Relief Funds, it is hoped that over half a million servicemen and women will directly benefit.

In the long term, the organization intends to create an on-going stream of revenue of up to $120 million on an annual basis.

“Each branch of the military has a relief society that provides a plethora of programs that help returning military personnel to seamlessly reintegrate into civilian and everyday military life here, at home. With the return of so many of our troops, the relief funds are running out of money. Funds raised through Won-World.Org will directly support these vital programs and fill the void that exists to fully meet the growing needs of our servicemen and women,” Mandel concludes.

For more information, please visit Won-World.Org’s official website: http://www.won-world.org

Their progress can also be followed on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wonworldusa

About Won-World.Org
The principals of Won-World.Org are dedicated professionals and concerned citizens who collectively bring more than 100 years of active service in sales, marketing, project management and development as well as day-to-day management of service and technology companies.

Each individual has had exceptional success at both the professional and philanthropic level. They bring their desire for success and their passion for giving to every task that they undertake.

Won-World,Org’s headquarters are located in Vancouver, WA with distribution facilities in both Texas and Washington.