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Android Backup by Wondershare


Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2012 -- Smartphone and its applications are ruling the world, due to which android users are increasing with every passing day. One can access the internet, create presentations and use unlimited number of applications and software from their android phones. All of these apps take up a lot of space and there is a possibility that one runs out of hard disk space on their androids. Owing to which, people might have to delete other relevant data like text messages, to accommodate newer applications.

SMS once deleted cannot be retrieved but these applications can still be reinstalled. Wondershare has come up with an amazing solution to cater for android backup. One can now use this amazing software for android sms backup. Even if someone loses them accidentally or by choice one has to delete them, then Wondershare can come handy to backup android sms. Wondershare has this amazing MobileGo android manager that helps in creating a complete backup for all android sms. All one needs to do is to log on to Wondershare and download the simple application on to their computer.

Once the android backup application is installed, the icon appears on the tool bar of the PC. Now the android needs to be connected with the PC. The application automatically runs and asks for the android backup options. Following which, one can easily transfer and store the sms on the computer. For detailed steps, one can use the help option which explains how to transfer text messages to computer via the android.

One can start by using the trial version and then upgrade to the full version as well. The full version even helps the android backup for contacts and other important data on the smartphone. It’s a great way of storing the important sms, data and contact safely on the computer. The application comes for both PC and MAC users.

“Our backup android sms gives unlimited space option for saving your important text messages and other data on the PC”, says Frank, tech head at Wondershare. Once the android backup is done, the space gets free on the smartphone and one can download more applications or data for usage.

“I had a limited space on the smartphone and never wanted to delete my text messages and other important data. Thanks to MobileGo android manager I have a complete android backup”, says Sheldon.

One can find out more about android backup on computer by visiting their website at http://www.wondershare.com/mobile-phone/android-sms-backup.html

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