Woobamboo! "Eco-Hygiene" Goes Global


Cape Coral, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- It was only a little more than a year ago, Earth Day weekend, that WooBamboo, the world's coolest new eco-toothbrush, was proudly introduced by Southwest Florida entrepreneurs. Already making a huge splash in the sustainable and dental hygiene markets, WooBamboo has already sold more than 250,000 eco-friendly toothbrushes world-wide and is being picked as the preferred toothbrush of more and more dental practices. To date, WooBamboo can be found in more than 300 countries throughout the U.S., U.K., Canada, Holland, Japan, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Honduras, England, Germany, Croatia, Australia, and most recently, Japan and Taiwan.

Headquartered in Cape Coral, Florida, company founders Steve Hyde, Christopher Fous, and Tom Burt have high hopes, and even higher aspirations, believing the company is about more than just having an eco-friendly toothbrush. “We’re not a toothbrush company,” Fous says, “we’re in the inspiration business. A toothbrush is just how we’re doing it. Our goal is to innovate, inspire, and change the world by showing people how easy it is to make more eco-friendly choices. The world is changed not only by giant leaps, but also by small, innovative steps in the right direction.”

Made with sustainable, biodegradable, naturally antimicrobial, and organically-grown bamboo, the WooBamboo toothbrushes feature high-quality dental-grade bristles, free of the harmful chemical BPA, and approved by dentists for oral use. The line includes three handle styles for adults and children, and features multiple bristle strengths.

“We decided a toothbrush would be our first product because we wanted to create something innovative that was universal, simple to use, and required little to no change of daily routine.” Hyde said. “Every morning and every night when you brush, you’re reminded that you’ve made a good decision for the planet, and that you have the power to make more.”

The founders are already working on expanding on their eco-friendly hygiene line. Toothpaste, flossers, and pet brushes are on the horizon, and the recently released kid's bamboo brushes (called "Sprouts”) have just exploded onto the scene early May.

Savvy dentists are even able to customize WooBamboo toothbrushes with their contact information to give to their patients. “What I can do with this toothbrush that I can’t do with others,” explains Florida dentist Dr. Carmen Aulino, “is present myself as someone who cares – not only about my patients, but about the health of the entire planet, and that’s an important message to get across.”

It was a busy first year for the new company, and their passion to provide the world with innovative eco-friendly hygiene options has grown with them. Thanks to the increasing popularity of sustainable products and companies like WooBamboo, the future looks a little brighter as people discover more ways to their part for a cleaner planet.

WooBamboo! Innovate. Inspire. Change the world.