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Colorado Springs, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2017 -- Wood burning stoves continue to be popular and as the seasons change and the nights get cooler, they are sure to become even more in demand. Generations may have trusted the simple wood burning stoves of yesteryear, but today's 21st Century designs would truly impress early pioneers. Not only do they look stylish and sleek, making them a natural focal point in any room, they burn with a greater efficiency which is important to a generation of environmentally responsible shoppers.

Gone are the days of opening up the stove door to a billowing cloud of smoke and ash, today's streamlined models drive smoke to the back of the stove and precise control over the intake of air gives ultimate mastery of the combustion process. The door can be safely opened without ash and smoke pouring into the home.

Lopi wood burning stoves are all approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and emit no more carbon dioxide than if the wood naturally decayed in a forest. Efficient stoves ensure that all the gases are expelled up the chimney whilst all the heat generated is directed into the home. That is one of the major differences between stoves and fireplaces, the latter inevitably lose a hefty proportion of the generated heat up the chimney. Nor do stoves radiate heat equally around the unit, the heat is driven forwards into the room which means that a brick wall is not a requirement behind a wood burning stove.

Colder air is drawn into the stove at the base of the model whilst the warmed air is pushed out from the top, this movement generates an air flow pattern which quickly warms the home or zone intended. Optional convection fans can be installed to enhance the air flow, this may be a consideration when the area to be heated is a large space.

As a premier supplier of wood burning stoves, the experts at Western Fireplace Supply can help homeowners decide the best model for their living space.

Lopi wood stoves are designed to last a lifetime and can be installed in any room which has an approved vent to the outside. For their rustic charm and ultimate energy independence, wood burning stoves are enjoying a well-deserved heyday.

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