Wood Reels, Recycled Wood Reels, and Steel Reels from Reel-Logix Drive End-to-End Logistics Solutions for the Wire and Cable Industry

Reel-Logix Solutions offers end-to-end solutions and logistics for domestic manufactured reels, imported steel reels, and nailed wood reels.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2020 -- Based in Texas servicing Houston Reels and Texas Reels local requests, as well as the surrounding states, the Reel Recycling initiative is available to customers across the continental U.S. Used wood reels and the reel recycling program which was started by Reel-Logix in 1992 look to conserve resources and minimize landfill by engineering and then refurbishing wood reels and steel reels so they can be used multiple times. In those 28 years that the program has been active, end users have effectively saved over ten thousand trees by reusing more than fifty thousand reels annually. Companies who embrace the program and see the benefits of recycling as a win-win for their business and the environment often showcase their commitment by adding a label to the reel, promoting their green credentials at the same time as influencing others who may not have considered recycling. Indeed, one action can provide a positive impact in several ways.

Reusing a reel that does not get sent to the landfill not only reduces the amount of refuse to dispose of, it negates disposal costs and new raw materials are not required, the empty reels do not need to be transported, time is not wasted finding a suitable location for disposal, there is no requirement to break down the reels, saving time and therefore money, and also the space in the business lot which was used to store used reels can be reclaimed and reutilized. Not all reels are suitable to be recycled, used reels with broken flanges or torn arbor holes cannot be refurbished, however, knowing that the recycling of "like new" reels is possible can be a driving force for decisions over how reels are stored and handled. End-to-end reel logistics can be tailored for each unique client, bringing years of experience to a project which needs innovative and cost-saving solutions. Outsourcing the logistics to Reel-Logix will allow the client to focus on their core business without worrying about the micromanagement of every tiny detail. Having a single point of contact and consolidating vendors as well as managing inventory more effectively and auditing reel usage can help reduce stress and complexity as well as save money and time.

About Reel-Logix Solutions
Reel-Logix Solutions is a Houston-based hybrid reel company providing innovative reel products and cost-saving solutions to the wire and cable industry. As a leading recycler, importer, and reel manufacturer of steel reels , wooden reels , plywood reels , import reels, and cable reels, Reel-Logix is family operated and has been in business for over 28 years. Proud members of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, their reel management services offer a one-stop for clients across Texas and the surrounding states. Lean manufacturing principles, quality checks, and audits dovetail with excellent customer service and the 24/7 commitment which can help deliver even when lead times are short. Recycled reels can be purchased at a reduced cost compared to new reels and the Eco-friendly process aligns with the commitment to clients, communities, and the environment. For Texas Reels, Houston Reels , and end-to-end reel solutions, contact Reel-Logix today.

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