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Wooden Deck Tiles from Bison Innovative Products Give New Life and Graceful Appearance to Roof Decks, Terraces or Balconies


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2013 -- Wooden deck tiles from Bison Innovative Products give new life and a graceful appearance to roof decks, terraces or terraces. They have been known to offer the finest quality wood decking tiles to transform any outer space while removing the headaches of maintenance. The interlocking wood deck tiles they supply are the most versatile option to cover the deck or the floor without the need for removing the existing structure.

Concrete decks or floors are becoming less popular options for most households with the emergence of wooden deck tiles. And when it comes to wooden deck tiles, Bison Innovative Products offer the most versatile options to cover any surface with a delightful and enduring wooden cover. They have been delivering premium grade decking tiles to create an elegant floor over any roof.

When it comes to decking tiles, the most versatile one they offer is the Interlocking wood deck tiles which are extremely durable and don’t even require a contractor to install them. One can just lay it right over the existing wooden or concrete floor with no need for any demolition or removal. The interlocking wood deck tiles are efficient in hiding any minor cracks or blemishes without any extra effort.

Interlocking wood deck tiles give the owner tremendous freedom to create their own unique designs for floor set up. Apart from the wooden deck tiles they also deliver installation kits to make the installation an easy DIY project.

About Bison Innovative Products
Since 1995, Bison has been the trusted name for supplying deck pedestals and wood tiles for pedestal supported decks and rooftop decking. Whether building creative rooftop decking environments, urban patios, terraces and rooftop decks, or large, commercial flat rooftop terraces and plazas, they can provide different designs and sizes of wood tiles and deck support. Being one of the most trusted manufacturers of roof decking products they offer endless option for any sort of commercial decks, residential decks and retrofitted decks.

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