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Wooden Garage 2015: Today Launched on the Market New Models from Garage in Legno – Casette Italia

Today will be presented in Modena the new 2015 models produced by “Garage in Legno – Casette Italia”


Modena, Italy -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2015 -- The new models 2015 of wooden garages by the Italian company Garage in Legno – Casette Italia are now ready!

Built with Nordic Spruce and with the blockhouse system these new models aim to get a new market segment: the wood lovers. These design 2015 models are focused on quality, but there are more than 20 standard models, many ready-delivery and the opportunity for a tailor made projects. The wall thickness ranges from 28mm minimum up to a thickness of 70mm for wooden garages more robust. Entirely made of Nordic spruce they represent they best quality of "garage di Legno" on the Italian market.

These lovely wooden garages are suitable for a daily use or for a DIY room. The garage is equipped with solid wooden floor 18mm or 28mm thick fir tapped into beads that are assembled interlocking easily. The floor rests on a network of beams already impregnated in autoclave (because rest directly on the base) recognizable by their classic dark color. All the wooden garages of CASETTE ITALIA are visible here: http:

To place a wooden garages must make a base as flat as possible, if possible concrete 20/30 cm. with wire mesh included. Alternatively it can be done in tiles for outdoor mounted on the sand, with self-locking, with bricks, on concrete blocks or directly on a substrate of gravel well leveled.

The garage is divided internally into even 2 rooms, with internal doors and several window (all with solid wood door complete with handle and lock with key, the windows also available as a glass door or semi-glazed).

Our wooden garages are made with the system construction "Blockhaus" which essentially involves the use of solid wood or laminated logs of various species and sizes, square or rounded, with double or triple working male and female, the which they are vertically stacked with each other to form the partition wall or carrier. The fundamental structural role, however, is that the joints between two orthogonal walls made with special machining of the heads of the elements.

Its solidity and compactness combined with excellent performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, its durability and the comfort of living have undoubtedly facilitated the spread of this type of construction system especially in countries where the climate is inclement.

The "box auto in legno" with system Blockhouse is always spread across large parts of Northern Europe as well as along the Alps.

Thanks to all the pieces stuck to each other, the buildings become compact and resistant. The structure of the walls with interlocking beams walls tapped (single, double, triple) along the perimeter and working the corners insertion perfect, give the result of a robust, fully self-supporting. A wooden construction with the "blockhouse" lasts for years, as evidenced by many existing buildings over 200 years.

The advantage of this technique for wooden houses is that it allows to achieve in a short time self-supporting large sizes and the ability to raise the plants to the second floor.

This is the typical system of mountain homes that aesthetically is distinguished by the protrusions of about 15 cm, visible from the outside, which are located in the notches.

This technique, combined with the intrinsic softness and elasticity of the wood, allows you to build a wooden house earthquake which improves its structure over time.

CASETTE ITALIA is an Italian company exporting within all Europe both wooden houses and wooden garages. The mission is to provide the best possible quality products with a superior service to the client.

PERSON: Pier Parenti / Casette Italia