Wooden Reels Including Plywood Reels and Recycled Wood Reels, and Steel Reels from Reel-Logix Offer Flexible Returnable and Non-Returnable Reel Solutions

Wood reels, steel reels, and recycled reels from Reel-Logix provide reel product solutions and operate an eco-friendly reel recycling program to save resources and reduce landfill.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2020 -- Based in Texas servicing Houston Reels and Texas Reels local requests, as well as the surrounding states, the Reel Recycling initiative is available to customers across the continental U.S. Used wood reels passing through the Reel-Logix reel recycling program are refurbished and returned to a condition which makes them safe and reliable to use in transporting cables, wires, or ropes. All of the cable-bearing surfaces are sanded down to ensure the product being delivered is protected from any high nails or pre-existing damage. Barrel integrity is also of paramount importance with regards to safe handling and transport.

Soft plywood reels are less expensive than their hardwood counterparts and are commonly utilized for lightweight, non-returnable packaging for the transport of insulated wire and cable, cordage products, rubber tubing, ferrous wire, chain, and various other materials. It isn't unusual to see late corrections or amendments to existing orders as well as sometimes being offered the opportunity of new business at very short notice, so to manage these types of last-minute requests which require a quick turnaround, Reel-Logix offer same day shipping on 12 available sizes of plywood reels. With more of a lead time, plywood reels can be designed to meet a unique set of requirements to match specific cubic and carrying capacity. Ranging from 8" in diameter to 48" in diameter, plywood reels are both strong and light-weight making them the preferred choice in many situations. Painting and/or stenciling is available on the reels, a visual frequently used by clients who want to showcase their environmentally-friendly credentials when using recycled reels several times.

In contrast to the plywood reels, nailed wood reels are often the preferred choice for heavier wire, cable, and rope products. They are utilized for returnable and non-returnable applications and can be much larger, ranging in diameter size from a modest 12" up to 168" in diameter, with reel flanges constructed of two to four piles of lumber nailed together. A modern high-speed molder at Reel-Logix ensures that staves are machined to their proper curvature. The stave is a curved board that will be used in the reel's drum, creating the required circular design. Regular lumber must be reshaped from its original straight-edged form to make the nailed wood reels, which are sturdier and more durable than plywood reels.

About Reel-Logix Solutions
Reel-Logix Solutions is a Houston-based hybrid reel company providing innovative reel products and cost-saving solutions to the wire and cable industry. As a leading recycler, importer, and manufacturer of steel reels, wooden reels, plywood reels, import reels, and cable reels, Reel-Logix is family operated and has been in business for over 28 years. Proud members of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, their reel management services offer a one-stop for clients across Texas and the surrounding states.

Lean manufacturing principles, quality checks, and audits dovetail with excellent customer service and the 24/7 commitment which can help deliver even when lead times are short. Recycled reels can be purchased at a reduced cost compared to new reels and the Eco-friendly process aligns with the commitment to clients, communities, and the environment. For Texas Reels, Houston Reels, and end-to-end reel solutions, contact Reel-Logix today.

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