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Woodhead Funeral Homes Inc. Partners with BizIQ

Funeral home in Falmouth, KY to offer comprehensive web services

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Falmouth, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- In order to update its web presence and offer encompassing service information to online users, Woodhead Funeral Homes Inc. has formed a partnership with BizIQ, a comprehensive web optimization firm specializing in local search engine marketing.

In forming a partnership with BizIQ, Woodhead Funeral Homes Inc. is seeking to improve its online, local search visibility and create an extensive virtual presence to benefit those seeking comprehensive funeral services in the Falmouth and Berry, KY areas. Through BizIQ’s services, the company will build upon its local search engine rankings by offering optimized web content and a robust new website interface with intuitive navigation. The company will also offer users a personalized source of relevant information through its blog.

“Today, the simplest way for people to approach a situation that they may be largely unfamiliar with is to learn more by searching the Web,” said Mary Hillenmeyer, Manager of Woodhead Funeral Homes Inc. “Planning a funeral and understanding pre arranged funerals in Falmouth and Berry, KY is an extensive undertaking that we’re seeking to simplify for anyone in the position of planning one. Through our new website and updated Web interface, we’re really trying to ease the process of finding top-quality funeral services.”

Woodhead Funeral Homes Inc. offers a number of personalized, specialized services to provide an encompassing approach to funeral planning. Memorial services, custom monuments, death certificates, burial services, post trauma services, grieving services and online obituaries are all undertaken by the company in order to streamline the efficiency and reduce the stress of traditional funeral service planning.

About Woodhead Funeral Homes Inc.
In business since 1892, Woodhead Funeral Homes Inc. is a member of the Pendleton County Chamber of Commerce and the Funeral Directors Association with Kentucky and nationally as well. The company has convenient locations in Falmouth and Berry, KY, and also offers planning services in the comfort of clients’ own homes.

To learn more about Woodhead Funeral Homes Inc., its funeral services or its peripheral provisions, please visit the company’s website at http://www.woodheadfuneralhome.com/.

To learn more about BizIQ, its expertise regarding local search engine optimization or to view its extensive list of service options, please visit http://www.ebiziq.com/.