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Woodside Farms Dog Training Announces New Shuttle Services

It's easier than ever for people to arrange training and boarding for their pets reports


Orange, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2014 -- According to industry statistics, 37- 47 percent of households in the United States have at least one dog. At the same time, shelters regularly have pets brought in because of behavior issues that the owners could no longer manage. In an effort to make their services more available to people around the D.C. area, Charlottesville, Richmond, and southern Maryland, Woodside Farms Dog Training announced they are now offering a shuttle service to help people and their pets reach the facility for their training or boarding needs. Interested parties should contact the facility for more information on current availability and pricing.

Many shelters are even running yearly campaigns to encourage people not to get puppies for Christmas, because they see so many people getting a cute new family member, only to realize weeks later that they don't have the time and energy that's needed to properly train it to get along in the household. Woodside Farms provides training services to people who either don't know how to train a dog well or who just don't have the time to do it properly on their own.

According to Susan Travellin, who has been a trainer and breeder for more than two decades, "The training process is the most time and energy intensive part of having a dog. We help a lot of people who have the ability to be loving owners, but who also can't afford to set aside a block of time to help a new animal get settled in their home. For them, we can handle the housetraining and basic family manners. We also offer puppy socialization classes. Our goal for family pets is to make sure that they have the basic behaviors and skills they need to be a good fit for their home, while also making sure the family understands how to meet their pet's needs."

The company also offers additional services, such as boarding and more specialized training. Travellin adds, "We sometimes help with the training of service dogs, because we can actually take them on field trips and expose them to the kinds of environments and situations where you need those dogs to be comfortable and focused. We can also dogsit a small number of animals at any given time, and we've even started offering limited overnight pet sitting to people in northern Virginia. We love animals and we're trying to make pet ownership easier for people who might otherwise have to go without having a dog to enrich their lives. This is why we've also added a shuttle service, so that we will be within reach for more people in the region."

About Woodside Farms Dog Training
Woodside Farms Dog Training School is located in Orange, VA and can help pets to learn everything from basic housetraining to more complex tricks and sport dog skills. They strive to teach dogs how to behave well in a wide variety of situations, including handling grooming and medical care. They also ensure that the owners have a good grasp of the pet's exercise, health, and grooming needs. Anyone who would like help with finding the perfect dog or making the dog they already have into a more polite and obedient member of the family is invited to visit for more information.