WorcesterWreath.com Showcases Fundraising Opportunities

Schools or other groups interested in raising money around the holidays can find information on how to start using a Holiday Balsam fundraising program by visiting WorcesterWreath.com.


Harrington, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2015 -- Schools and other non-profit groups raise over 1.7 billion dollars each year. Nearly 80% of Americans support the fundraisers which means experts consider fundraisers to be a fantastic way to gain the additional money that's needed for running a school, field trips, camping trips for scouts, community programs and other activities for groups that might not otherwise be able to afford it.

With the holiday season approaching, christmas wreaths are going to be in demand. Many people enjoy handing gorgeous wreaths on their doors, mailboxes, and even their cars to show their holiday spirit. This makes them an option to consider for any group looking for a fundraising opportunity.

WorcesterWreath.com offers a fundraising program any group, organization, school or team can use to raise money. It doesn't matter if they're trying to earn money for a field trip, school supplies, a charity, or another reason, and the website makes it easy for them to reach their goals.

Mike Worcester, the spokesperson for WorcesterWreath.com, stated, "We are proud to showcase our unique fundraising opportunity for any groups. We offer three different options for the fundraisers and all of the products use fresh Maine balsam so the wreaths practically sell themselves."

The three options include a simple online order form that helps those purchasing wreaths save 10%, traditional order forms to collect orders and money from customers with a later delivery, and an order that allows for a bulk preorder of wreaths that can then be resold.

WorcesterWreath.com is most well-known for their part in creating Wreaths Across America, so many people will recognize their name. The founder of the website started placing wreaths on the gravestones of veterans in Arlington National Cemetary in 1992. The organization was created as this tradition began to spread to become an annual event across the United States.

For those who worry about the sustainability of the trees used to make Christmas Wreaths, the WorcesterWreath.com company promises that no Balsam trees are cut down to make their products. In fact, only the tips are cut off and the trees regenerate every three years. The company manages their own farms to ensure the care and quality of the trees they obtain the materials for the wreaths from. They never cut more than half of the trees in a single year.

"From the products created for veterans to the wreaths we sell and use for fundraisers, care is taken with every piece," stated Worcester. "We only use fresh Maine balsam to ensure the color and scent are amazing and know our quality cannot be beaten."

About WorcesterWreath.com
WorcesterWreath.com sells wreaths, tabletop trees, centerpieces, and more from their website. The company began the non-profit Wreaths Across America in 2007 and have been donating wreaths to be placed on veteran gravesites since 1992. They also offer fundraising options as well as bulk discounts for customers who want to place larger orders. All of their products include at least 90% fresh Maine balsam collected daily from their farm. The company follows sustainability practices to ensure the trees remain healthy and able to produce the best balsam. With over 42 years of experience, WorcesterWreath.com ensures they have the best quality wreaths available.