Joe Bragg Reviews Female Hair Loss Treatment at Ashley and Martin


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2012 -- Hair loss can be one of the most devastating things that a woman can suffer with regards to her appearance. Male hair loss is often seen as detrimental to the appearance, but female hair loss is generally seen as far more disfiguring and has a corresponding psychological impact. However, many hair loss centres have processes and treatments that are designed to stop female hair loss and promote the re-growth of lost hair.

One such centre is the Ashley and Martin Centre for Medical Hair Loss Treatment, which is generally regarded as one of the most reputable hair loss treatment centres in Australia. The female hair loss treatments available there have been very favorably reviewed on, a personal blog written by an Australian who has visited the centre.

The review goes into detail about all aspects of the Ashley and Martin experience. The consultation process, the manner of the staff, and the effectiveness of the treatments themselves are all discussed comprehensively.

One aspect of the service that comes in for particular praise is the extensive diagnostic procedure, which attempts to discover the true cause of female hair loss through blood tests and hormonal analysis.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Discovering that I was losing my hair was one of the most disconcerting experiences of my life. When I ran my hand through my hair and felt it coming away I just burst into tears. It was the most horrific emotion, and I imagined staring into the mirror at a head completely devoid of hair in years to come. Fortunately it never came anywhere close to that, and I would put that down to the excellent treatment I received at the Ashley and Martin Hair Loss Centre. The care that they provided me with was amazing. They handled the issue with such sensitivity that it was clear they are used to dealing with female patients who are in considerable distress at the prospect of suffering permanent hair loss. Even more importantly, they provided me with a highly effective treatment that stopped the hair loss dead in its tracks, and even reversed some of the hair loss I’d already experienced. If anyone has any questions about the service I received they can click on the “contact us” section of my website.”

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